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2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R
Yes, its really awesome bike. The 2012 ZX-14R received an increase in engine displacement from 1352cc to 1441 cc, and also Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC), a slipper clutch, revamped suspension and... more
Kawasaki Dream Machine
Literally, seems Kawasaki had made a dream machine - Kawasaki Dream Plus... more
Impressive Vintage Kawasaki Wallpapers
I'm on a roll with Kawasaki this evening! Here is the direct link... more
Triumph Bonneville or Kawasaki ER-6N
"here ya go buelligan, read it and weep!" I did not know that. Nothing to weep other, though. I'd still rather have the Kawasaki over the Triumph just because of the watercooling. But I'd rather... more
Triumph Bonneville or Kawasaki ER-6N
It did seem like an odd pairing of bikes to be on someone's short list. But since I got hooked anyway, I'd go for the Kawasaki if it were me in that situation.... more
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