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Highland in Up to Speed
Unfortunately, all 3 leaders at Highland were killed in an airplane crash recently. No joke.... more
Highland in Up to Speed
Thanks for publishing the article on Highland motorcycles. I have ofter criticized the motorcycle manufacturers for their inability to design bikes based on alternative body sizes (small, medium,... more
Highland Viking Bodywork
I realize it may be nit-picking, but the tail piece on the the Highland Viking pictured in the article sure looks more like the one on the back of my MV Agusta F4 than on the back of a Ducati... more
RIP Mats Malmberg
That stinks, they were doing good work. There's more on Highland on the August MC.... more
RIP Mats Malmberg
Was killed in a plane crash in Tulsa, Oklahoma last night, along with his partner Chase Bales. The April issue featured an article on their company U.S. Highland.... more
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