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New Harley-Davidson Feature
A guy named Ratt stopped by the Harley-Davidson dealership yesterday, for a look at the latest greatest Electra Glide Classic with all the bells and whistles. Just for fun, he wanted to take it out... more
The 2013 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Are On Line
And This 2013 Deluxe Looks Just about Right To Me. I like the Color and the 103 Cubic Inch Motor. I even like the looks of that Pretty Girl riding it. :cool:... more
2010 Harley-Davidsons Released!
More new paint and accessories. Plus, more CVO machines, brilliant, more high end machines at a time when nothing is selling well - Harley-Davidson might be the most boring motorcycle company on... more
Stupid Investment of the Week: Harley Davidson
Has the tire burst or is someone trying to plug a tire with the cords showing? Stupid Investment of the Week Commentary: Don't let Harley-Davidson take you for a ride By Chuck Jaffe, MarketWatch... more
Stupid Investment of the Week: Harley Davidson
BikerGI visited a Harley dealer this week for a part. They were stocked wall to wall with new bikes, but I saw only one customer. One reason sales are slow might be the used market. It's flooded with... more
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