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Ducati Monster 821 Premiere
Join us for the premiere of the newest member of the Monster family, the Ducati Monster 821! We will have the 821 available to view, Ducati demo rides, free food and drinks, music, and a free gift... more
Ducati Roads Not Taken
Thanks for the article on the prototype Ducati motors, it was very interesting. What I find hard to believe is that anyone - let alone an engineer like Bruno Tumedei - would expect the 350 Ricardo... more
You bought the wrong Ducati. Get a hyper and wheelie/stoppie the *** out of it.... more
I currently have a Ducati 998. When I bought the bike i asked the salesman if there was anything i should not do on the bike. He said no. I proceeded to wheelie the bike like other bikes i have... more
1) I love Ducati motorcycles. That is why I own 2. 2) I have never bought a bike to wheelie it, but wheelies part of sport bike riding. I dont need to wheelie when I ride but it is a rush and... more
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