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BSA of the Day
This was the Real BSA of the Day and Year in our Town and surrounding area in 1967. One man had one and nothing could touch it. As a fairly new rider, I was very impressed with this bike. :cool:... more
BSA of the Day
Here is a nice BSA that turned up on my Facebook page. They said it was owned by Olli S. Custer. I don't know the Gentleman but I like his bike.. :cool:... more
BSA of the Day
I have the BSA of the Day... :D ... more
BSA of the Day
Joe, Thats a great looking BSA you put up but I never saw one with a tank like that. It looks like a Hornet with a slick tank and great looking pipes. I also never saw a Spitfire without the lights... more
Ted's BSA Shop in 1967
I bet that old BSA shop smelled great. Oil, white gas burning in the lanterns, real gas leaking from the Amals.... more
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