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A touring bike where the rear tire lasts a mere 5000 miles? A slip on costs 2500 bucks. It goes through a set of rear brake pads in 5000 miles. Oh yeah it cost 25,000 dollars. Ladies and... more
BMW 1100 GS vs KTM 1190 Adventurer.
Plan on buying a new bike in February. Living out here in Oregon, we really can use the ADV style bikes as they are made to be used. (we have far more miles of dirt road than we do paved). I will... more
BMW blues
I bought a 2007 BMW k gt 1200 with the German tech in mind with the understanding that the great quality of BMW would last 100kmiles....the rest of the story is that the ABS pump goes out at 10k... more
Mad Money! It is kind of odd that bike tires don't last a little longer. I rarely get 10,000 miles on a tire. Usually between 5 and 10 K.... more
I get about 5 k on the Yamaha scooter, but they are 25 bucks apiece. 12K with the Volusia, but I ride it like a little old lady, I guess. lol. But still, you'd think a "touring bike" would do... more
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