2006 BMW K1200S - Special K Mc Project

Evoluzione Cyclesports fortifies BMW's K1200S

Arriving at a straight bit of pavement, suitably deserted and a fair distance from upscale designer ears, I grab a prudent Bavarian handful. As the tach needle pauses at 5000 rpm, there is a sound something like a swarm of titanium hornets, or Godzilla coughing up a partially digested Camry. I've entered the engine's happy place. It's already making 92 horsepower-10 more than the stocker-and the real fun is still 2000 rpm upstream. Let's get a good feel for the brakes before we uncork the triple digits, shall we?

The six-piston AP calipers don't bite as hard as BMW's standard-issue Brembos at first. But the more you squeeze, the harder you stop-until the ABS kicks in-just like the brakes on any good racebike. The third stop of the morning feels better than the first; they like heat and never wilt from it. The Evo K is 20 pounds lighter than a standard model at 530 pounds, but it's not what you'd call light. Steering, however, is a whole lot lighter and more accurate than stock with 15mm cranked into Ken's adjustable torque arm. No K1200 should have to live without one.

Presented with enough straight pavement to nudge the tach past 7000, I'm into the next corner and the rev limiter before Mr. Sphincter can grab hold of the custom leather upholstery. Let's try that again, shall we? The shifter that kills spark for a nanosecond above 6000 rpm-no clutch, thanks-helps. It's not quite ZX-14 quick, but this thing fires like a cannon between 7000 and 10,250 rpm. Then again, Zeller's not through tinkering with it, either.

Evoluzione K1200S Parts ListEngineEvoluzione Stage I head porting: $899.99Evoluzione Race Airflow System: $279.99Akrapovic titanium exhaust system: $1133.95Evoluzione Rapidbike3 ECU tuner: $449.99

BrakesAP Racing six-piston calipers with adapters and lines: $2000Braking wave rotors: $339.98

ChassisEvoluzione billet adjustable torque arm: $269.99

AppearanceCustom paint: $2000Carbon-fiber seat cover: $700Carbon-fiber rear hugger: $300Custom leather seat: $400Powder-coat wheels: $500Custom gauge package (tach/speedo): $299.99

AccessoriesEvoluzione billet low-effort clutch slave cylinder: $199.99Evoluzione undertail license plate relocator: $149.99Evoluzione stainless steel bolt kit: $99.99Evoluzione billet footpeg lowering kit: $89.99Evoluzione billet exhaust hanger: $99.99Evoluzione billet adjustable shift lever: $119.99Electronic compass: $49.99Evoluzione superwhite headlight bulbs: $39.99Clear front turn-signal lenses: $64.99Evoluzione clear rear turn-signal lenses: $29.99

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