Last Page - Shot Hog Projects Healthy Message, Mild Revulsion

MC Garage

By Jeff Karr, Photography by Bob Clarke

Irvine, Calif., Dec. 18-With the economy curled up in a fetal position and racked with a hacking cough, the motorcycle industry is going all-out to preserve what's left of its withering customer base. Thus, a new industry-backed vaccination program is designed to encourage motorcyclists to get the Swine Flu shot. Because healthy motorcyclists ride more, buy more bikes and consume like good capitalist pigs should.

And how better to convey the important vaccination message to low-brow bikers than with a rolling mascot? After all, didn't we all respond positively to Smokey Bear, McGruff the Crime Dog and Captain Cutaneum by preventing fires, fighting crime and wearing sunscreen?

Scheduled to troll the streets of major motorcycle destinations like Daytona Beach and Sturgis, the Shot Hog puts a whimsical face on the not-all-that-funny H1N1 pandemic. Already beleaguered Harley-Davidson is looking to cash in with a production version. Code-name: Swine Glide.

By Jeff Karr
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