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By Jeff Karr, Photography by Courtesy Of Leonhardt Manufacturing

EPPINGEN, Germany, October 21-In a world where expectations seem to endlessly ratchet downward, and things get cleaner, smaller and higher in fiber daily, one has to wonder where all the bigness went. What the hell happened to more?

Used to be every year was an artery-choking orgy of more. More power, more performance and ever more of the bigness that brought us the monster truck, the thirsty-two-ouncer, airbag-sized bagels and 50-gallon barrels of Kirkland caviar. Sure, the way we lived was irresponsible, ridiculous and unsustainable. But hey, don't you miss it? We sure do.

Clemons Leonhardt in Germany has developed the perfect counterbalance to the fuel-sipping Prius perched ever so daintily in your neighbor's garage. It's called the Gunbus (catchy, no?), and it uses a pair of cylinders from a vintage radial aircraft engine to create a ride of super-human scale. Clemons does it up right, with mouthwatering machine work and details served up on a smorgasbord scale. With a displacement of 6.7 liters barking out about 350 horsepower, the Gunbus is a for-sale monument to excess. Scaled around those cylinders, the Gunbus is big-boned: 1430 pounds of beautifully executed combustive fun. But hey, it's got fuel injection, a catalytic converter and a seat height of only 31.5 inches. So though it may be an abomination, it's a responsible abomination. Perhaps you need one. Perhaps we all do. If only for its ability to make nobody's ass look big. And to flush out the spinners.

By Jeff Karr
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