Riders Of The Films

By J.J. O’Connor

When you see a hair-raising stunt on a motorcycle in a movie you can bet all the tea in China that you are looking at Corey Loftin, famous Hollywood stunt man, doubling for the star of the picture. Corey is one of those rare geniuses who can write his name in rubber on the pavement. He never misses a Sunday outing with the gang. He lives and breathes motorcycling and he always is a welcome figure on these trips because his pals know that he is sure to furnish a new thrill. One of his pet demonstrations is to show the gang how to get over a certain hill in a certain Hollywood canyon, that would be a honey for a Class C hillclimb. Not a few of the boys who thought they had experienced every thrill a motorcycle could produce, freely admit that Corey can do things that make their hair stand on end just to watch him. What a man!

Vance Breeze, famous free lance test pilot, owns two motors, and declares that they are the best relaxation he knows of, after coming in from a strenuous testing ordeal, which often includes power dives at 400 m.p.h. or better.

Much of the credit for the development of motorcycling among the movie and aviation celebrities belongs to Harry “Bozo” Small and his charming wife, both of whom are keen motorcycle enthusiasts and leave nothing undone to promote motorcycle interest among the movie and flying celebrities. They always go along on these Sunday outings, spare no effort to keep their customers’ machines in the pink of condition, and make their store a rendezvous for the picture and aviation celebrities who have found motorcycling a form of sport and recreation that has no counterpart.

According to “Bozo,” his prominent riders have done much to spread the gospel of motorcycling recreation among other film and aviation folk and, when production for civilian use is resumed, he is assured of numerous sales to other well known film and flying figures as a result of the boosting that has been done among them by the present devotees in the movie and aeronautic worlds.

So there you have it-movie stars do ride motorcycles! We have seen them ride and have talked to them and they are decidedly keen about it as a sport.

By J.J. O’Connor
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