Campanale Two Time Winner At Daytona

Simmons and Sherrill take First and Second in 100-mile Novice

By Dudley Perkins

First out of the south turn was Ed Kretz, twice the winner of the 200-mile title. Following him in order were: K.J. Ingle, Sam Arena, Grif Kathcart, Woodsie Castonguay, R.M. Buckley, Al Aunapu, Frenchy Castonguay and Ray Eddy. Every one of those men were fellows who have carved niches for themselves in the motorcycling hall of fame. Any one could logically be an ultimate victor. The time on that first lap was 2 minutes, 26.2 seconds. Considering the amount of position changing those experts did in the first lap it was very fast time.

In the second lap Kretz still led the field. His time had dropped to 2 minutes 23 seconds. Ingle and Arena were still second and third. Kathcart had dropped back from fourth to ninth place. In fourth spot was Woodsie Castonguay and he was followed in order by Frenchy Castonguay (who had moved up from eighth place to fifth), Ray Eddy, R.M. Buckley, Al Aunapu, Kathcart, Ben Campanale, Babe Tancrede, Bill Anderson and Ted Edwards.

Campanale, who started fairly well back, was already forging forward.

For nine laps Ed Kretz led. His lap time varied back and forth from 2 minutes 23 seconds to about 2 minutes 26 seconds. Sam Arena moved into second place in the third lap and held that spot until the seventh lap when Campanale passed both Ingle and Sam to take the second place spot.

Woodsie ran into difficulties in the fourth lap that put him out of the first ten positions. In the sixth lap Frenchy dropped back. Ray Eddy, on the contrary, began to creep forward, getting into fourth position in the eleventh lap.

In the seventh lap there were 10.3 seconds between Kretz in first position and Campanale in second. In the eighth lap, there were 7.5 seconds between them and at the end of the ninth lap there were 5.8 seconds between them. Campanale was driving for all he was worth to overtake the leader.

Then came the spectacular tenth lap when the leader’s machine caught fire. Kretz lost approximately four laps before his trouble could be corrected and he could get back into the race. Campanale was thus in first place and followed in order by: Sam Arena, Ted Edwards, Babe Tancrede, Ray Eddy and Grif Kathcart.

Competition between Arena and Campanale became furious. Arena would pass Campanale in the turns and Campanale would pass Arena on the beach. In the twelfth and thirteenth laps Arena checked across the line in first place. Again in the fourteenth lap Campanale checked across first and there he remained until the eighteenth lap when Arena got one more lap as leader.

It is needless to say that the crowd was afire with enthusiasm. It was one of those hard, fast battles that just can’t last. Yet it did last lap after lap. Someone had to go down sooner or later and since Arena was gaining his time in the turns there was the natural odds that it might be him. But lap and lap again he set a beautiful course through those bends and rode through in long sweeping curves.

In the 20th lap Arena got into some trouble on one of the turns which allowed Edwards to sweep into second place with Ray Eddy in third. Arena got around in fourth spot. Then in the twenty-third lap Ray Eddy found his way around Edwards in a turn and those two traded places

By Dudley Perkins
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