Bonneville Salt Beds | On the Salt

By Chet Billings, Photography by Unknown

Early on the 26th everyone again waited daylight and another test of the shell. It was to be a North run. Ludlow went far down the course to the South. Watching from the pits, the 61 could be heard then seen. For a while it continued to pick up revs. Then there was a falter. At that same moment the job drifted clear outside the course to the rider’s left. The revs backed off slightly and as if Freddie was fighting it, the shell gradually crept back onto the course.

When it was straightened out, and just as the following Fred came along side, the revs picked up. Through the glasses it was possible to see the Ford go crazy. It hovered a round the shell like a wasp. Arms waved from the window. The revs backed down again. Then we knew Freddie was going to nurse the job into the pits for a landing.

Pictures on Page 10

Left to right: From top to bottom-Back, side and front views of the streamlined shell.

Testing at Muroc, with canvas covered shell in trailer.

Fitting rider and shell.

The special 61” o.h.v. power plant.

The tow hitch.

After a day on Muroc at 112°.

Pictures on Page 13

Left to right: From top to bottom-How the window looked from the outside, and how it looked from the inside. Round object at bottom of window is tachometer?

The men behind the streamliner, left to right,

Hap Alzina, Pete Andreson, Bill Myers, Freddie Ludlow, and “Red” Fenwick.

The salt flats crew. Two men at right are visiting members of Cautain Eyston’s crew.

Jack Williams, referee, and timer Pete Andreson, read the watch after a fast ride.

The shell showing nose and tail pieces.

Sunset views on the salt, showing the trailer with shell, and the timing stand.

By Chet Billings
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