Pan American Trails part 7

Side trips out of Mexico City bring new adventures on a long solo tour Being more of a trip from St. Louis to Managuz in Nicaragua

By Jose Porta, Photography by Jose Porta

And then I thought of what I had heard a few days before. Of how an airmail pilot had motor trouble while going over this same region and had a forced landing near a village, of which I forgot the name. As his plane came to a stop he jumped off and walked towards a group of natives expecting to get help. Those natives had seen airplanes before but in their small minds they never could understand exactly what made them fly, until the rumor had spread among them that the blood of little children was used to feed the airplanes with. And when the pilot landed his plane and walked towards the natives only one thought came to their mind, simultaneously: he had come to get blood from their own little children. And they waited for him without uttering a single word and when he reached them, they clubbed him to death.

I laughed at the story when I first heard it and was incredulous even when I heard it from several poeple, but when I mingled with those natives and learned to understand them better, then I believed what I had heard.

The Presidente and his gang must have been fast asleep when I left the village the next morning, since I didn’t meet a

By Jose Porta
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