Western Motorcyclist and Bicyclist becomes “The Motorcyclist” | Announcement (An Editorial)

By H.B. Rose

From the October 1932 Issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Beginning with the November issue of this publication we are pleased to announce a change of name and a consequent change of policy. Western Motorcyclist and Bicyclist becomes “The Motorcyclist” and while in its new form the paper and the staff have narrowed the field to exclude the bicycle, the scope of the paper has concurrently been broadened to serve the whole country as pertains to motorcycles.

Furthermore instead of being a trade paper, “The Motorcyclist” will be a riders’ or motorcycle users’ publication and as such will be the first publication to invade the purely motorcycle users’ field.

The change seemed imperative for many reasons. First and foremost of these was that it has become increasingly apparent that there was not enough common interest in the motorcycle and bicycle trades to justify the continuation of a paper for the combined field. In the earlier days of the motorcycle it was merely a glorified bicycle or was so judged by many. In later years it has become a separate automotive unit with separate distribution, separate following of sports and separate interests.

In making a choice between the motorcycle and the bicycle fields we were swayed by demand from the motorcycle group who for some time and from all quarters of the country have importuned us to give them a purely motorcycle publication which would act as a mouthpiece for the motorcyclists and become the chronicler of their activities and development

A definite plan was developed and presented to the officers of the American Motorcycle Association. With few changes it met with their approval and was submitted to the final arbiters of all matters pertaining to motorcycles, the executive board of the A.M.A. who voted unanimously in favor of the proposal.

As the official organ of the A.M.A., The Motorcyclist will be exclusively a motorcycle riders’ paper. Because the motorcycle club movement has placed the balance of power in the motorcycle field in the hands of the riders and has made possible the great centralizing force of the A.M.A. in the control and regulation of sports and activities, the staff will devote considerable attention to the securing and development of club news. No group of people on this continent has had greater cause to have unity of its aims and interests and The Motorcyclist will be the cementing force among those who are motorcycle minded.

So we part with the friends of the bicycle days and by the same gesture greet all the motorcyclists of the North American continent. In changing times we have had the courage to change. If the field from which we are withdrawing will also change we doubt not that an organ can be found to promote and foster its interests. To the thousands of new friends which we now claim we make the first step in associations which we believe with all our hearts will be full of action, color and development-H.B.R.

By H.B. Rose
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