Motorcycle Dealers | Not Bad (An Editorial)

By H.B. Rose

From the November 1931 Issue of Motorcycle Magazine

With special permission of the copyright owners who may have or think they have the sole publication privileges on the blah blah regarding the recent depression we would like to call the attention of our motorcycle dealer friends that things are not so bad and haven’t been so bad with them as they might have been.

First of all, there has been a very small number of failures among motorcycle dealers. Banks have closed their doors, grocery stores have gone to the wall and hotels and restaurants have kissed the ceiling. Booteries and beauty shops have been sold by order of the court and blacksmith shops have had snooty little notes pinned on their doors by the sheriffs. Some of the big shots in this business game have gone into the hands of deceivers, pardon, receivers and most merchandising mediums have had a large percentage of flops. Not so bad when the motorcycle dealers are most of ‘em able to still open the door in the morning and close it up at night without the aid of a special group of advisers from creditors’ offices.

Better than that, there are a lot of motorcycle dealers who have actually been selling motorcycles. The average businessman thought he was doing a whole of a good job if he could keep his pen out of the red ink, but there are really a lot of motorcycle merchandisers who haven’t even got a bottle of red ink on the place and what’s more, no use for it. Not bad!

Having come through this financial squall in such fine shape, what should be the motorcycle dealers’ attitude toward their future? First of all they should have a lot of substantial faith in the motorcycle business as a permanent occupation. If any have been in the business with mental reservations that they would sometime get out of it if an opportunity offered, or had thought they might take on a side line of banjos, radios, candy, bottled goods or gents’ furnishings such unworthy thoughts should be purged from their minds after having seen the havoc wrought among the purveyors of these various wares. It’s about time motorcycle sellers made up their mind that they can devote all of their energies, talents, and business acumen to the one aim of selling motorcycles.

Never before have the motorcycle merchants had as much to offer the transportation hungry public as they have right now. Motorcycles are better than they have ever been before. They offer a bigger value for the money than any other form of automotive transportation. There is a more favorable feeling toward motorcycles than ever before, too, and the field is wider than it has ever been. New improvements already announced and about to be announced by American motorcycle manufacturers have multiplied the number of prospects there are for two and three wheeled units. In fact the country is lousy with motorcycle prospects and there is very little competition. Which leads us to the conclusion that the motorcycle dealers’ position at this time is-not bad. -H.B.R.

By H.B. Rose
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