Doings On The A.M.A. Circuit

By E.c. Smith, Photography by Unknown

From the May 1930 Issue of Motorcyclist Magazine.

We are sure looking for the “Guy in the Smoked Glasses.” He is the dude who is running around and telling the world that everything is all shot to hell and what have you! Oh, Yeah! Well, that may be the case in some lines, but it sure isn’t true in the motorcycle game. We have never seen so many sanction applications in our young and hectic career. Honestly, we haven’t a date open in the whole country for the month of May, and darn few left for any other month, and still they are coming in from the west, south, north and east. Every national championship has been taking for the racing gang; there are only a few district hillclimb championships left; all of the divisionals have gone and it’s only May 1.

Boys will be boys, and like father, like son! Just got a clipping from Milwaukee telling about the nasty spill that “Hap” Jameson, Jr., took on a big 74 last week. I don’t know what the old man is thinking about! Son, less than a year old and should be riding a 21.35 instead of breaking in on a 74! Well, the father took plenty of the same kind of spills, so I suppose that the son will have to have as many as dad!

We get some mighty interesting letters from some of the clubs and sure would like to publish all of them! Almost all of them are endeavoring to actually build up their clubs on a solid and permanent foundation. Here is one that is especially good as they send in their form of application. Boy, you answer the following questions: How long have you ridden a motorcycle? Your occupation? Has your machine legal lights, muffler and brakes? Are you now a member of another motorcycle club? Have you ever been refused a membership in any other club? $1.50 initiation fee and $1.00 A.M.A. dues must accompany the application. Signed (name, address, and phone). Proposed by...., seconded by….Yes, and the answer is that they have a real clean cut gang of riders, have dances, and all sorts of parties. If any of you clubs are interested in this form of application, drop a line to George Hull, Secretary, Owl Motorcycle Club, 2533 Seminary Avenue, Oakland, Cal., and I know that George will be glad to send you one. Frankly, it’s the best I have ever seen!

Boys, I know that it is an old chestnut, but I simply have to talk about it, and that is the open muffler! We have harped and harped on this subject, and if we don’t close them up, some of these cities are going to close us up for keeps, and that don’t mean maybe! There isn’t a day that passes without a letter from some city attorney telling us that unless the boys in that particular city close up their mufflers the city is going to take drastic action! Our hands are tied, in that the city proves that this sort of thing is a nuisance and can pass an ordinance against it. Please work with us and keep them closed. It will be better for everyone and make motorcycling that much better for all of us.

Another question that is causing considerable comment is tandem riding. Personally, I don’t think that rear tandem riding is dangerous, but I do think that tank riding is a detriment to motorcycling and should be stopped. Having someone between the driver and his controls and also obstructing his view of the road is dangerous. It doesn’t necessarily mean you, but remember, there are a lot of wild-eyed, drunken automobile drivers loose on the highways and one has to have his wits and full control to keep away from them. Let’s cut that form of riding and put them on in back. It’s a lot safer.

By E.c. Smith
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