Sprouts Elder Now Speed Idol Of Australia

From the July 1927 issue of Motorcyclist magazine

Sydney, Australia, June 30. -It occurs to me that the good motorcyclists of the Pacific Coast and especially California. would be glad to hear how their old buddy, Sprouts Elder, formerly of Fresno, is coming along in Australia. Elders is doing fine here now and for the third time in succession has won the Golden Helmet on the Maroubra track. On the first occasion when he won this coveted trophy, March 12 Elders rode an English four-valve Rudge of 3 ½ h.p. at an average speed of 88 miles per hour. It was his first ride on a concrete track and a very popular win.

The fans have taken a great liking to Sprouts as he always treats them to some real riding when he gets on the track, whether it is dirt or concrete. On April 9, Elders, riding an overhead 3 ½ Indian again won the Golden Helmet after a most thrilling race, beating the famous Eddie Brinck by inches. Both Elders and Brinck were lapping at 97 m.p.h., while the rest of the field also ran.

The star event on this occasion was a match race of five miles between Elders and Brinck. During the battle, Elders conked out on the fourth lap and on the next circuit Brinck’s machine started to cough and spit but he managed to get the winning flag with slow time. True to his sportsmanslike spirit, Brinck expressed a desire to call it no race.

So they met again later that night and after one of the finest match races ever seen on the Maroubra track, Elders repeated his success in the Golden Helmet by again defeating Eddie by inches.

On Saturday night, May 14, Elders again annexed the Golden Helmet race. Great interest was taken in this event as Eddie Brinck was making his farewell appearance prior to leaving for home. S. Stratton, on a 3 ½ Indian, won the first heat, defeating Brinck by half a wheel. Elders took the second heat and then came the final. Thousands of fans were of the opinion that Brinck would step on the gas this time, in view of his early leave-taking and run away from the field. The bunch of six riders got away to a flying start with the redoubtable Eddie in front. But he dropped backand took pace until the fourth lap when he again stepped to the fore, followed closely by Elders who was taking no chances of being pocketed.

Brinck showed the way until with a half lap to go, Sprouts turned it on and actually rode around his rival. The crowd went crazy over this, and owing to Brinck having the pole, they were sure that Sprouts was due for a showdown on the line, but such proved not to be. Elders held his gain and beat Eddie by a wheel, both crossing the line at 97 per. The time was 3:24, an average of 90. It was a great race and both were loudly cheered.

Elders then was invested with the Order of the Golden Helmet, atop the judges’ box and so ended his famous hat trick. Sprouts sure has put the Indian sign on ‘em all, and when this Fresno cyclone returns home, all ye champions had better beware of your titles, whether on dirt or wood, for Sprouts can ride ‘em both.

Sprouts Elders got in Australia something that he never had in America-a chance to join a real racing team. He certainly has proved himself to be the goods and deserving of all the fame and money that comes his way. Eddie Brinck now is on his way to the States and Sprouts has taken his place as the premier drawing card here.

The racing game has practically closed for the winter in this country. The Maroubra track people are building a dirt track inside the concrete saucer, to be used for motorcycle and trotting races so the fans and riders are in for a speedy season.

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