Here Are The Rules For 1924 Six Days’ Trial

By Unknown, Photography by Unknown

From the July 1924 issue of Motorcyclist magazine

New York City, June 28. –Entry blanks were issued this week for the second annual National Six Days’ Trial, August 25-30, under the auspices of the American Motorcycle Association, the newly-formed rider division of the Motorcycle and Allied Trades Association. In sending out the blanks, which are unusually complete and give all information required by an intending contestant, Chairman W.H. Parsons, of the National Six Days’ Trial Committee, said:

“The main object of the Trial is to demonstrate the efficiency, reliability and economy of the motorcycle and motorcycle sidecar as a means of transportation, in addition to offering a week of sport that should be replete with memorable experiences. Incidentally, the Trial should leave in the minds of the general public a lasting and favorable impression of the motorcyclist, which only can be created by gentlemanly demeanor and neat appearance.

Following are the official rules which will govern the Trial. Western riders desiring copies of the official entry blank may obtain same from J.J. O’Connor, 709 Union League Bldg., Los Angeles.

1. Every competitor must be a member in good standing of the A.M.A., otherwise he must register by payment of $1.00 (one year’s dues) at time of entry. Membership card must be shown to the Referee before the start.

2. Entries will be received by A.B. Coffman, Chairman A.M.A. Competition Committee, 326 West Madison St., Chicago, Ill., until 6 P.M., August 23, 1924. Entries must be accompanied by at least one half the driver’s entry fee. Passengers entering for medals must remit the full fee with entry.

3. The entry fee is $10.00 for each driver. Sidecar or tandem passengers may compete for medals upon payment of an entry fee of $5.00. The passenger fee is optional.

4. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without assigning any reason.

5. The total number of motorcycles entered may be limited to one hundred (100), if, in the opinion of the Committee, such action appears advisable.

6. Under no circumstances is an accepted entry fee returnable.


7. Contestants are divided into two classes: Trade and Private Owner. In each class there are four divisions: Solo, Sidecar, Tandem and Lightweight. All motorcycles of 30:50 cu. in. (500 c.c.) piston displacement or less are considered as lightweights if entered as solo mounts. However, should a motor of 30:50 cu. in. displacement or less be entered with sidecar or tandem attachment it must compete in the sidecar or tandem class and will not be considered in the lightweight class. All others are classed as heavyweights.

8. For purpose of regulation, a “Trade Rider” is: Any person who has competed for or accepted money in any motorcycle competition; or, who is connected with a company manufacturing motorcycles or articles allied to the motorcycle industry; or, any agent, either an agent for himself or of a company or firm in the motorcycle or allied industries; or, an individual employed directly by an agent’s or manufacturer’s business. All other contestants are “Private Owners” and must sign the following declaration which appears on the entry form:

“I hereby declare that I have never competed for, nor accepted, any cash prize in any motorcycle event, and that I am not now, and shall not be at the date of the Trial, either (a) a manufacturer of, agent for, or dealer in motorcycles as defined in Regulation No.8,; or, (b) in the employ or pay of, or in receipt of any financial assistance from, any such person or company; and (c) that I shall my-self drive throughout the Trial the motorcycle hereby entered therefor.”


9. Motorcycle must be equipped with: Headlight; Tail light; Sidecar light when sidecar is used; Chain and Mudguards as furnished by the different factories as standard equipment and in good working order at the start of the Trial.

10. Teams. Two contestants constitute a team. Teams are divided into two classes: Trade and private Owner. There are four divisions in each class: Solo, Sidecar, Tandem and Lightweight. Teams may represent: Factory, Agent, Dealer, Club, City, Association, etc.

By Unknown
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