New Motorcycle Stuff From 1946

By Unknown, Photography by Unknown

Several years after the automobile industry had made hydraulic shock absorbers as standard equipment on all makes of passenger cars, the motorcycle industry has adapted the same type of “shocks” to the 1946 models of both American made motorcycles. The Monroe two-way, direct-acting hydraulic shock absorber is mounted between the handle bars and front axle and acts on the principal of “meet the bumps first,” thus cushioning the handle bar and the frame from road shock. The Motorcyclist has been advised that the Monroe Auto Equipment Company is making these new shock absorbers for use on the 1946 models only and at this time both the Indian and Harley-Davidson factories are taking the entire output. The factory has not predicted as to when these shocks may be available for installation on pre-1946 motorcycles.

Dab, a name for a new paint, has rather interested us since the publicity release was received at this office. The claim is that for $6 you can paint a five passenger Buick in one hour, plus the cost of labor for that hour’s work. The idea is that you spread Dab on whatever you are painting with a bit of cheesecloth, wipe whatever is to be the victim of the product, and in nothing flat you have a factory finish paint job! Made by the Automotive Division of Motel Supplies, it is said that this product will soon be placed on the market for consumer sales. A 2 year guarantee goes with the Dab kit. The address of the company is 2160 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. As to the merits of this war-born paint, we know nothing, but we are still intrigued with the idea of touching up our motorcycle after a slight scrape or hare and hound and having “factory finish

Those chrome luggage carriers advertised elsewhere in the magazine have been selling like hot cakes (who ever bought a hot cake?) and the manufacturer, Al Fergoda, has advised that due to the steel situation he is definitely behindon orders. Fergoda has added to his chrome luggage carrier line the same carrier in black, baked enamel finish, list price $3.50

Ever had your Harley give you a nasty kick-back? Chances are you have, and you’ve joined the ranks of those many who had a sore ankle for a few days after the beastie took a bite at you. To solve that little problem there is now on the market a new ignition system called “Sure Start” that tames the wildest Harley-Davidson, the manufacturer states. Also claimed is the increase in mileage, longer plug life and greater top speed …we’re not personally so concerned about the latter advantages as the idea of not having to hobble around for a week after our Harley has let it be known that it was not in approval of our way of kicking it over. Sure Start Ignition Systems are available at 6518 Avalon Blvd., Los Angeles 3 and dealers are invited to write in for all data. This ignition system is made by actual motorcycle riders, so don’t think it is merely an engineer’s dream whipped up on paper. And John Law in the Los Angeles area acted as the guinea pig on the test runs.

By Unknown
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