The Servi-Cycle | America’s New Lightweight

Introducing the new model of a lightweight suitable for pleasure and commercial use. Motorcycle men from the ranks of old-timers and competitors of today are loud in their praise

By Chet Billings, Photography by Unknown

Drum type brakes, front and rear, are standard equipment. The rear brake is controlled by a foot pedal operated by the rider’s heel and the front brake is controlled by a hand lever on the left grip. The drums and hubs are fully chrome-plated which adds to the beauty of the machine. Tests made by the Simplex Manufacturing Company of New Orleans, who are the manufacturers of Servi-Cycle, show that the brakes are 100% larger than is necessary to properly and safely decelerate the machine. Thus the brakes should enjoy an unusually long life.

The Servi-Cycle is designed by a man with 16 years experience in the motorcycle business. Four years of experimentation and research prefaced the introduction of the first models upon the market. After one year on the market public acceptance has been such that all the late features are available without any increase in price which is $137.50 f.o.b. New Orleans, plus Federal tax.

It is always worth while to know what more than one person says about a new product. Though your editor says it is fine and gives his endorsement, what do old-timers say? Well, for one, Orrie Dunham, a veteran who helped split holes in the atmosphere of Muroc Dry Lake in days gone by, says it is quite some motorcycle. Orrie is a lad who turned in records for both solo and sidecar racing.

Says Orrie, “I took a couple of steps beside the machine, turned loose the compression release lever and stepped on as she started. It is the nicest machine to start I ever saw-no effort at all…The steady drone and the pickup was downright surprising for a little job. Smooth as silk and not a trace of jerk or vibration…Came the first corner and she lay into it as pretty as any job I ever straddled. In a jiffy we were doing a neat thirty m.p.h., weaving in and out of traffic of Baronne street and the machine responding to the slightest sway of my body…steady and yet flexible…When I stopped out in the country for a cool drink I was asked by several about the gas mileage, handling, etc. When I told them 100 miles on a gallon they wanted to know where I bought it. Being on a test and not out selling I hurriedly remounted and rode back to town…I have been in the motorcycle game 20 years and have ridden for 26 years and I readily say Servi-Cycle is the neatest, cleanest, snappiest little motorcycle I have ever seen or ridden.”

By way of contrast, consider a statement from Woodsie Castonguay, one of our present-day competition riders who needs no introduction. Says Woodsie, “Have had my first ride on a Servi-Cycle and sure was surprised how easy it handled. One push and away I went over the road. It was a pleasant surprise to find the ‘soup’ in such a small motor. It is sturdy and well built and although I really abused the motor, found at the end of my run that it was just as clean as when I took it out.”

Says a dealer, The Service-Cycle Company, Inc., of Baton Rouge, La.:

By Chet Billings
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