1935 A.M.A. Report

By E.c. Smith, Photography by Unknown

The new service pin for 1936 will certainly be a wow. In other words it will be the three-year pin, going to riders who are renewing their membership for the third time. This past year, the boys who renewed for the second time got the two-year pin. Next year, they will get the three-year pin. Now for you loyal fellows who have been members of the A.M.A. for say four, six, eight, ten or even fifteen years, we are working on a veteran pin for you, something that will distinguish these real old-timers from the regular service pins that will be given each year.

Kalamazoo Has Novel Insignia

Here is one. The Kalamazoo Motorcycle Club have a swell set-up for their Club sweaters. They advertise the Kalamazoo Motorcycle Club and also the fact that they are 100 per cent A.M.A. Get it, “KalAMAzoo” Motorcycle Club. That is a bright idea and we thank you.

Seattle Challenges

A word of warning sometimes helps. We just received the nice little club paper which the Seattle American Motorcycle Association of Seattle, Wash., gets out and right at the top was an impressive warning to all motorcycle clubs: “We are going to drop her in high cog for 1936 and want the world to know that the winner of the National A.M.A. Club contest will be none other than the Seattle A.M.A. This may sound like a pretty broad statement to some of the other clubs, but if you even come close to matching the extensive sport program as well as civic co-operation, you are going to have a man-sized job and frankly we don’t think that any of you clubs can do it.” There it is, fellows, and knowing a lot about those northwesterners, they generally do what they set out to do. Even to the point of arranging cougar hunts for unsuspecting secretaries.

That seems to be the spirit of a lot of the clubs and is the thing that typifies the general attitude for 1936 in all sections of the country. The stove league and the street corner speed demons won’t have much chance next year; you are going to have to go places, do things and see people!

World Registration Increases

A bulletin just received from the Department of Commerce at Washington shows that the world registration of motorcycles increased 3.1 per cent as of January 1, 1935. The estimate is 3,002,410 units. Germany showed the greatest gain of 16 per cent and the United States second with a gain of 2 per cent. United Kingdom showed a decrease of 2.5 per cent. In the order of position as to the number of motorcycles, Germany ranks first, United Kingdom second, France third, Italy fourth and the United States fifth.

Hold a New Scavenger Hunt

Clubs wanting something novel to do, better try this one. It is called a Scavenger Hunt. Several of the clubs have held the event and it sure has gone over in swell style. Here is the set-up of one held recently in San Antonio, Texas.

1. Get an Indian head penny.

2. Get a 10-penny nail.

3. Get a bread wrapper.

4. Get a picture of a black cat.

5. Get a piece of mistletoe.

6. Get a 1910 nickel.

7. Bring a needle with two threads through the eye.

8. An edition of Sunday paper.

9. Get a pair of step-ins.

10. Get a used postage stamp.

11. Get a shoe buttoner.

12. Get a Chinaman’s signature in Chinese.

13. Bring a piece of licorice candy.

14. Bring two minnows.

15. Bring a theatre stub.

16. Bring an empty Lifebuoy soap box.

17. Bring a burnt-out light bulb (house).

18. Bring a “For Rent” sign.

19. Bring a tamale shuck.

20. Bring a package of Mexican cigarettes.

21. Bring a red necktie.

22. Bring an ice cream box.

23. Bring a Four Roses whiskey label.

24. Bring a 1934 calendar leaf.

25. Bring a 1935 Almanac.

A master sheet is made up with points for each article. The harder the article is to get, the more points you get.

Time-Two hours to get as many artices as possible.

By E.c. Smith
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