1935 A.M.A. Report

By E.c. Smith, Photography by Unknown

We cannot commend too highly the efforts of the various factory travelers who, although they have a thousand and one things to do when they call on the various dealers, always have time to talk A.M.A., help solve the problems that confront all of us and assist in the organization of the clubs that are springing up in every section.

Then, there are the individual dealers, who have seen the picture and realize just what we are endeavoring to do for the sport. They have seen that every effort they have put forth in behalf of the A.M.A. has been brought back to them in the way of increased sales and real enthusiasm in their territories. These fellows sure have done great jobs in their territories and are the ones who will show real sales record this next year. They are the same chaps who haven’t time to do anything but boost.

There are the riders, who have neither factory nor dealer affiliation, but who simply love the sport and their unceasing efforts to build the A.M.A. are much appreciated. They are the fellows you find in most every club that is a real up and coming club. In many cases they carry the club on their back. Usually they are not appreciated nor do they get a “thank-you” for their work. The boys figure “let George do it” and he does. We know what these unsung heroes are doing and our hat is off to them. They are the fellows who are making motorcycle history and to them goes loads of appreciation for their efforts.

All of these factors have been the reason for the growth of the A.M.A. and for the great year of sport activities that we have gone through.

Several worthwhile services on the part of the A.M.A. were added this past year. Probably the most important was the Club Activity Contest that we sponsored for the clubs. It was the means of retaining many clubs which otherwise might have dropped out or disbanded due to lack of interest on the part of members. We were able to combat this situation through the Activity Contest and it was the means of stirring up more enthusiasm and interest in club life than ever before. Hundreds of letters from clubs taking advantage of this contest attest this fact.

In general Club attendance at the regular meetings increased to a point near 80% of the club membership. Most every club reported dues were paid almost one hundred per cent. The increase in the number of boys taking part in club sanctioned events was three times that of the preceding year. To top it all off, those trophies the A. M.A. donated made a hit with the winners. We know of riders who traveled a great many miles in order to keep up around the top on the contest for his club. The total mileage traveled by the members of clubs in the contest would give the rubber companies heart failure.

This help to the clubs, the library of motion pictures, and the other services we were able to render to them at absolutely no charge, sure made a hit and it has been the means of increasing our club registration to a new high. Also we retained a lot who might have gone by the boards.

The service pin idea met with great favor on the part of the individual members and the three-year pin will be ready for the fellows as they renew in 1936.

By E.c. Smith
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