1935 A.M.A. Report

By E.c. Smith, Photography by Unknown

One point for each minute late will be deducted from your score.

It sure is a lot of fun and will keep the boys on the go for a couple of hours and what I mean they will be busy.

Is Our Face Red

We are somewhat of a football fan along with being “nuts” over motorcycles. A very unfortunate circumstance took place this past Fall when the boys from Notre Dame came down and walloped the devil out of us. Many were the messages containing the well known “Bronx cheer” sent to us from every section of the country. Well, we took it and liked it. But the worst one of all happened during a recent visit to Milwaukee. We happened to drift out to the home of Joe Ryan and during the visit, Joe, Jr., showed us all of the pennants that he had gathered from far and near. We mentioned the fact that he did not have an Ohio State pennant and the answer came back, “Never heard of them.” Brothers, was my face red!

Merry Christmas to You

We would like to list the names of all of the dealers, riders and clubs who so kindly remembered us with cards during the holiday season. Uncle Chester would surely be scratching those few hairs on his dome, as that would require space, something that is at a premium with all of the more interesting things the boys like to read about. We certainly appreciate the thoughts expressed by all. It makes one really proud to be a part of an organization that is bound together with lasting friendships. We have our ups and downs and in the heat of competition everyone gets those “nerves,” but after it is all over, these things are forgotten and we are all better for it. To each and everyone of you, all I can say is “right back at you” and the hope that you will have the best and most prosperous New Year that you have ever had.

The National Club Contest

The national championship club contest is over for another year. Along with that we have completed the fourth of the quarterly contests and the winner of the final one, running through October, November and December is the Victoria Motorcycle Club of Victoria, B.C. There is a club that is a long ways off; in fact they are almost isolated from the rest of the country, as they are located on Vancouver Island, away up by the Northwest corner of the States. They are a great bunch of fellows, every one a member of the A.M.A., every event conducted under A.M.A. sanction. Congratulations, Victoria Motorcycle Club, and your Honor Roll Banner will be in your hands very shortly.

Here is the standing for the month of December. You will note several new faces.

Our next job is to sort out all of the data that we have on each club and check our records for the year. Out of this will come the national champion motorcycle club for the year of 1935. I mean it is going to be a tough job. Some of them were small in number but they sure made up for it in enthusiasm and efforts put forth to better the sport and to create favorable public comment. The winner as well as the nine next highest clubs in the country will be announced in the next issue of The MOTORCYCLIST.

By E.c. Smith
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