1935 A.M.A. Report

By E.c. Smith, Photography by Unknown

Applause on the part of the public should be recognized by the contestant, instead of deliberately turning his back to them. Don’t come rushing down a hill and grab the referee and shout to the house tops that you have been “gypped” and immediately become the center of a milling group, all talking at once. That sure doesn’t look good to the public and they soon tire of it. It is just as easy to gain consideration on some point involved by doing everything in a businesslike manner. You can inform the referee his decision has been questioned and then take up the matter after the climb is over and thus keep this sort of thing away from the public. These things make for a better feeling on the part of those paying the tariff and after all that is what you want, both clubs and contestants.

In the various types of our sport, endurance runs and T.T. racing showed the greatest gain this past year. This proves that more private owners are getting into the sport and that is what we want. We want to see every rider who owns a motorcycle get into some type of activity with his road machine. Of course, the biggest and best endurance run was the national championship at Lansing, Mich., which is as it should be. It was an outstanding event in every respect. There was a wonderful entry list taking in a larger territory than ever before; the run was well conducted and rounded out a fine season of endurance runs. We feel that there will be still more events of this type in the coming year. There were several other fine sectional and district championships held. We hope the day will come when we can have a district championship in every section. Then, the winners go to Lansing or wherever the national might be and compete against each other for the road championship of America. We think that day is not too far distant. Fine big events were conducted by the GWAKS Motorcycle Club of Minneapolis, Minn.; Buckeye Motorcycle Club of Columbus, Ohio; Hartford Motorcycle Club of Hartford, Conn.; Reading Motorcycle Club of Reading, Pa.; Frontier Motorcycle Club of Buffalo, New York; The Monadnock Motorcycle Club and Al’s Riders Motorcycle Club, both of Keene, N.H.; and the Milwaukee Motorcycle Club of Milwaukee, Wis.

More and more are the clubs getting active in miniature T.T. racing. It is a form of sport that is easy to arrange and you are sure of a good entry list at all times as the boys can use their own motorcycles. The national championship at Marion, Ind., was a fitting climax to a year of activity. It had a real representative list of riders from all sections of the country. Waco, Texas, had a big affair; in fact Texas and New England led all territories for the number of T.T. events held. This type will be very popular in 1936 as more of the clubs are getting interested.

Hillclimbing came back with a bang, and from the requests for sanctions we are going to have many more this next season. The Hornell Motorcycle Club put over a real championship event, hotly contested and with a swell attendance. Practically every club reported a big increase in attendance. There was a decided effort to put on a good show and that augurs well for the coming year.

Dirt track racing went to town. The big championship at Syracuse was the greatest in the 14 years races have been held at that fine track. Nashville, Tenn.; Richmond, Va.; Reading, Pa.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Frederick, Md., had championship events. Each reported a good attendance. With the coming of several foreign jobs into this Class A racing, we are going to see even more competition the coming year.

By E.c. Smith
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