1935 A.M.A. Report

By E.c. Smith, Photography by Unknown

With all of the motorcycle activities, there were very few outlaw events. These are becoming more and more in the discard. Very few dealers assist or take part in them and it has simmered down to a few promoters who don’t want to run under rules that would cramp their style. We have a few fellows who think they got by, that they could go out under an assumed name and compete in an outlaw race and then back into an A.M.A. event. Yes, they got by for the moment, and possibly some of the loyal members wondered whether it was worth while to stay with the A.M.A. They need have no worry on that score as we finally catch up with these fellows and the competition committee will take care of those cases this winter. There are only a few this year and each of them may be assured that they need not plan on riding in A.M.A. competition this coming year. The factories are 100 per cent behind the A.M.A. and when a dealer or his mechanic takes any part in this sort of thing he is actually nullifying all of the work that his factory is doing for him and his business.

What of the new year? Business conditions are improving and that means more motorcycles and more riding; both manufacturers have done themselves proud with their new line for the coming year; clubs are in much better shape than ever before; and requests are coming in for all types of activities. Already we have an application for the 200-mile event at Keene, N.H., for July 19th; we have applications for most of the dirt track championships with Syracuse all set for Sept. 11th or 12th. We have four applicants for the national championship hillclimb; 6 for the Miniature T.T. race championship; and we have three applicants for the night speedway championship. We have any number of requests for dope on long distance races and other events, so it looks like a big year from that angle.

We have a lot of plans in the making and hope to announce them right after the first of the new year. We hope to again sponsor the Individual Club Contest; we have an entirely new plan for Gypsy Tours and big Rallies; we have plans that will enlarge the scope of the A.M.A. and do many more things that will prove beneficial to the clubs and to the individual members of this great organization. We want you to feel proud that you are a part of it and doing your bit to make it bigger and better. The work that any organization can do is limited only by its membership.

We ask for the continued support of all of our members and the hope that they will help get many more to join this band of motorcycle enthusiasts. In return we pledge every facility in our hands and every day in the year to help make the sport better and to help every fellow realize that we have the “greatest sport in the world.”

Balinski Marries

The many friends of Louie Balinski, the 1934 dirt track champion, and one of the best dirt track racers in the sport, will sure be pleased to know that Louie has “ankled up the aisle”-there is now a Mrs. Louie Balinski. Yes sir, he took a “flyer” and the interesting part of it was the fact he kept the info away from those dirt track villains. Anyway, Louie, congratulations and every fellow in the motorcycle sport wishes you the same a hundred times over.

Another “Lifer”

We now have a life member in far-off Japan. Who? Well, none other than our good friend and yours, Uncle Al Childs, the Harley-Davidson dealer in Tokio, Japan. Al was a visitor at the Harley-Davidson convention and “Jay-Jay” Balsom immediately sold Al on the idea that he should be a member for life and in that way he would not be embarrassed every time he came in contact with the secretary of the A.M.A. That sure is fine, and we thank both Al and “Jay-Jay” for their interest in the A.M.A.

To Have Three-Year Pin

By E.c. Smith
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