Indian Announces New Four

New Four Designed to Cruise at High Speeds

By Unknown, Photography by Unknown

Lubrication: Pressure feed system to all bearings. Visible oil pressure gauge. All oil contained in motor base. Crank case oil capacity, three quarts.

Motor: Four cylinder, air cooled, Bore 2 ¾” (69.55 mm) stroke 3 ¼” (82.55 mm) 77.21 cubic inches (1265.47 cc) displacement. Overhead exhaust valve. Removable exhaust valve seats and cages. Side inlet valve. Rake type aluminum inlet manifold. Updraft air valve carburetor. High lift cam shaft. Lynite pistons. Five bearing crankshaft. New angle fin cylinders. New combustion chamber, high output from standard fuels.

Muffler: Dual mufflers and exhaust pipes. All chrome plate. Thru valve provided. Exhaust manifold heavily finned and finished in porcelain enamel.

Saddle: Side spring compression spring type. Saddle top leather covered rubber cushion on bracket type base. Optional spring weights.

Tank: Two piece covering frame top tube. Quick opening gas cocks in forward position on both sides. Capacity 3.38 Imperial gallons of gas (17.4 liters), 4.6 U.S. gallons.

Transmission: Three speed progressive type. Integral with motor. Semi constant mesh.

Wheelbase: 61”.

Wheels And Tires: Wire wheels -18” drop center rims. Tires 18” x 4.00” Goodyear or Firestone optional.

Weight: 511 pounds.

Engine: Overhead Exhaust Valves in Individual Cages- Equip with Aluminum Bronze valve seats. Provides better exhaust valve cooling due to exposed position of cages. Permits renewal of valve seat as well as guide without replacement of cage. Provides excellent valve spring cooling. Side Intake Valve-Permits use of updraft air valve carburetor and aluminum rake type manifold. Incoming gas remains cool thru aluminum manifold which is placed away from heat of cylinder. Cool incoming gas thru side valve part reduces cylinder temperature. Provides easy gas flow thru large unrestricted parts.

Cylinders: Cast Iron with large angle fins providing exceptional cooling for long, hard running. High turbulent combustion chamber with 5.00:1 compression ration allowing the use of third grade fuel without detonation.

Camshaft: High lift with rapid valve opening providing high cylinder charging rate with increased power and top speed.

Exhaust Manifold: Cast iron with large cooling fins to prevent overheating. Finished in high temperature. Porcelain enamel.

Carburetor: Updraft air valve type, designed to give good economy together with excellent flexibility throughout the speed range. With this carburetor the engine does not tend to stall at idle after hard running.

Ignition: Either battery or high tension magneto. The battery ignition system is of the conventional, reliable distributor type used on all automobiles. Spark plug wires are carried thru a smooth metal tube to avoid chafing and placed well away from the cylinders to prevent over-heating the insulation.

Clutch: Multiple steel disc running in oil. Discs perforated to break suction effect and provide positive and easy release. Disc pressure supplied by eight light springs in addition to four centrifugal weights which automatically provide low pressures at idling and gear shifting speeds and build up pressure as the throttle is opened for high power and high speed. Low clutch pedal pressure due to the light springs and low centrifugal weight force at low speeds.

By Unknown
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