“Modern To The Minute” 1935 Indian Motorcycles

By Chet Billings, Photography by Indian Motorcycle

The last couple of years when a rider dropped in to look over motorcycles the chances were about even up that he was only window shopping anyhow. He was out of work. He wanted a new motor but it just wasn’t in the cards. By actual canvass it has recently been determined that unemployment is less among motorcyclists than in many other groups. When a rider comes in today, he still may be window shopping but he is much more in a position to deal if he should become interested. Once a motorcyclist becomes interested he means business, too. One dealer may sell the rider on the idea of a new Sport Scout or a new Chief but another dealer may be the one to make the delivery. The answer needs no explanation. The boys are going to deal where they can pick out the job they want and then get immediate delivery on what they pick out.

In line with the above there is one more thought for dealers. Women are turning more and more to actual riding. Within the last year the number of ladies auxiliaries has increased from two to twenty-two. There are that many registered with the A.M.A. With that as a token of encouragement and with the new light weight machines as a medium for the furtherance of this interest it is reasonable to suppose that before the time ‘36 models are announced there should be a couple of times twenty-two auxiliaries. It has been said that when women take up motorcycling in America then the sport will really go to town. So, how about it-ladies, riders in general and dealers?

New Features

Streamlines: Completely streamlined are all 1935 INDIAN Models; the sweeping lines of the fenders, the flowing grace of the tanks, the set of the handlebars, and even to such details as the muffler and chain guard.

Improved Motors: The famous INDIAN “B” motors are now standard in all stock models. These big motors bring greater power, more speed and finer performance to the 1935 INDIAN motorcyclist.

Then, too, the big new “Y” series special motors are available in the 74 cu. in. Chief, 45 cu. in. Scout and the Sport Scout (only), for those motorcyclists that want even more power and speed. These “Y” motors are built with extra heavy duty cylinders and special high compression aluminum cylinder heads. ($9.00 Net Extra on 74” Chief-$7.50 Net Extra on the Standard 45 cu. in. Scout and the Sport Scout.)

Four-Speed Transmission: In addition to the standard three-speed transmission, INDIAN offers for 1935 a four-speed transmission as an optional feature. Four forward speeds, a simple efficient rugged unit-that provides for that higher gearing when desired. $12.00 List Extra.

A three-speed and reverse transmission is also offered as an optional feature and is especially advantageous for commercial and sidecar units. $15.00 List Extra.

(These options available on 45 Scout and 74 Chief only.)

New Colors and Tank Designs.

Dry Sump Lubrication-Better than ever for 1935.

Multiple Row Primary Chain Drive- Running in constant bath of oil.

New Streamlined Carburetors-Highly polished Schebler DeLuxe with double air screen.

Cam Ground “ T-Slot” Pistons-Which insure improved motor performance and quiet long life for both piston and cylinder.

New Aluminum Cylinder Heads- Heavier, larger, with new windstream contour cylinder head fins.

New Roller Bearing Retainers- Of new tough durable alloy, which reduces the weight of the connecting rod roller bearings 50%, thus, lessening strain.

New Aircraft Type Tulip Valves- Providing better cooling.

Larger, Thicker valve Stems and Guides.

Larger, Heavier valve Springs.

New Larger valve Dust Covers-Requiring no wrenches to raise covers.

New Outside Fill Type Willard Battery -Providing for perfect air cooling and accessibility.

Cylinders and Heads- on all 1935 INDIANS are nickel finished.

New Detachable Rear Wheel-Automotive Type-with six studs and six tapered nuts, providing the utmost in safety, yet eliminating wear and play in the rear wheel mounting.

New Mufflers- With streamline design and a new through valve that has been moved to the rear for greater efficiency.

New White Handlebar Grips- are standard for 1935.

By Chet Billings
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