“Modern To The Minute” 1935 Indian Motorcycles

By Chet Billings, Photography by Indian Motorcycle

The principle of dry sump lubrication is retained and various improvements have been added. Regardless of speed or weather Indian dry sump is fully automatic. Exactly the proper amount of lubricating oil is delivered in a constant stream and under positive pressure through the crankshaft to the motor bearings. Then the sump pump withdraws the hot oil from the crankcase, filters it, cools it, and returns it to the tank where it is again ready for another fast trip through the motor.

The multiple row primary chain, running in a bath of oil, remains. It is completely enclosed. This chain drive is quiet in operation and, of course, friction is minimized by the oil bath. The four-row is used on all models except the Sport Scout and on that a three-row is used.

A new streamlined, highly-polished Schebler DeLuxe carburetor with double air screen is a feature of all models. The carburetor bodies are corrosion resisting gun metal finish.

It might be added that the new aluminum cylinder heads are heavier, larger and have new windstream contour fins. The design is one borrowed from aircraft practice. Also from aircraft design are the new tulip valves, a design developed for better cooling efficiency. The valve stems are thicker and so are the guides. The valve springs are heavier. Larger valve dust covers are used and they may be raised without the use of wrenches.

An outside fill type Willard battery designed for accessibility and better cooling is standard equipment.

The rear wheel borrows from the automotive industry, being detachable through six studs and six tapered nuts designed for safety and elimination of wear and play in the rear wheel mounting.

In the muffler a new through valve that has been moved to the rear for greater efficiency is part of a streamline design.

White handlebar grips are standard for 1935 and magneto equipment is still optional.

These are just a few of the considerations in connection with the line-up of Indian models for 193 5. Fundamentally, they are featuring the Scout Pony (30.50 Twin-315 pounds), the Sport Scout (45 cu. in.-436 pounds), the Indian 45, the Indian 74 and the Indian 4. The Pony offers the minimum in weight for a twin. Likewise, its wheelbase is only 52 ½, inches. The Sport Scout is pretty much what the name implies. It has been designed on racing principles for riders who want a light, fast twin. It has a high degree of maneuverability, speed and stamina.

The four is basically the same, an aristocrat, with a variety of options, such as left or right control, battery or magneto ignition and a wide variety of color combinations.

There are two sidecars on the list, the standard and the sport models. The chassis is the same on both models-full elliptic front spring in front and a long semi-elliptic spring in the rear to prevent side sway. The sport model features a back to the seat which hinges and allows access to a roomy luggage compartment. The standard is designed for strength and durability with a body constructed of heavy gauge auto body metal, and seamless steel tubing in the chassis, atomic welded.

Following is a complete list of Indian models, which reads in variety like a page from earlier days when motorcycles were the automobiles of America:

235-B, Scout 45-Battery.

235-BY, Scout 45-Battery, Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads.

235-M, Scout 45-Magneto.

235-MY, Scout 45-Magneto, Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads.

Note: Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads $7.50 Net Extra. Magneto $15.00 Net Extra.

335-B, Chief 74-Battery.

335-BY-Chief 74-Battery, Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads.

335-M, Chief 74-Magneto.

335-MY, Chief 74-Magneto, Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads.

Note : Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads $9.00 Net Extra. Magneto $15.00 Net Extra.

435-B, Indian 4-Battery.

435-M, Indian 4-Magneto.

Note: Magneto $15.00 Net Extra.

535-B, Scout Pony 30:50-Battery.

635-B, Sport Scout 45”-Battery.

635-BY, Sport Scout 45”- Battery, Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads.

635-M , Sport Scout 45”- Magneto.

635-MY, Sport Scout 45”-Magneto, Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads

Note: Large Cylinders and Aluminum Heads $7.50 Net Extra. Magneto $15.00 Net Extra.

(Large Cylinders and Aluminum Head “Y” Motors available only on the 235, 335 and 635 Models.)

By Chet Billings
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