Indian Motorcycles | The New Sport Scout 45

A Worthy Successor To Past Favorites

By Chet Billings, Photography by Indian Motorcycle

The old veteran is schooled in taking the pulse of a motorcycle. Too many times in his career he has started in on a long hard grind only to find that his motor lacked the proper feel when it peaked. Too many times he has had to nurse his mount along not daring to put it through the hardest paces under penalty of being forced clear out of the running. Yes, he first notices the getaway—then the speed. Secondly, and much more critically he feels for staying quality. His greatest compliment was his smile. He said, “It not only takes off and rolls, but it is going to stay rolling. And that front fork! That’s the same style fork that’s won about every important road race in the world in the last two years.”

The other chap took off for a stretch of rough mountain dirt road. He wanted to ‘lay it down on some rough curves’ and, “see how she handles.” His report was short and to· the point. He said he could handle it at 70 m.p.h. on the rough turns just as easy as he could at lesser speeds on the paving. He said he liked the saddle position and the distribution of weight.

When I hear one of our speedway riders thus express his confidence I feel more like I had ridden the motor myself. Some of our best riders are bending corners on the flat fifths these days. And, as they travel their circuits, changing from one machine to another they have to learn about the art of feeling a motor. The “New Deal” motorcycle is here! See it! Ride it!

Model 634 Specifications

Brakes—Front and read wheel brakes: Indian two-shoe internal expanding type. Front brake hand operated. Rear brake foot operated. Total braking surface 25.5 square inches.

Clutch—Multiple disc operating in oil. Alternate steel and Raybestos discs.

Drive—Unit constructed primary drive, triple chain, 3/8-inch pitch, quick adjustment not affecting rear chain-completely enclosed, running in oil bath. Gear ratio: solo 4.81 to 1.

Fork—Indian truss type. Wide for adaptability. All tubes same diameter. Forged side links. Fork damped standard. Coil spring suspension.

Frame—New design Keystone type. Heavy, seamless, reinforced tubing.1 1/2” diameter front tube. New fork ends. Low saddle position.

Fenders—New streamlined deep section. Rear fender hinged. Indian head decoration or front fender.

Handlebars—Semi-sport type standard. Sport type optional. Short grips.

Ignition—Indian battery ignition. High speed breaker cam. Unit directly driven from cam shaft.

Lubrication—Indian dry sump system. Adjustable pressure feed to lower rod bearings. Surplus oil returned to tank. Alemite equipment standard.

Motor—Two cylinder 42° “V” type, air cooled, bore 2c7/8”, stroke 3 1/2”, 45.44 cubic inches displacement ( 750 c.c.) Removable L head. Side by side poppet valves. T -slot, cam ground, heat treated, Lynite aluminum alloy pistons. Connecting rods, drop forged steel, heat treated. Crank and main bearings roller.

Saddle—Indian coil spring suspension type. Leather covered, sponge rubber cushioned top. Bucket style. Forged saddle connection. Adjustable saddle position.

Starter—Gear and sector type. Mounted on right side. New large double pedal.

Tank—Large, two-piece, covered frame top tube. Reserve gas supply. Provisions for speedometer mounting. Capacity 3 1/2 gallons gasoline. 3 quarts oil

By Chet Billings
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