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SOMETIMES you have to go a long way from home to get the home news. Some months ago, this paper printed the first news of the beginning of the big new Excelsior factory in Chicago. Today there is an illustration of a quite unusual motor which for some time has been in use on a machine on the quarter-mile Minneapolis motordrome, where, under MeNeil, it is claimed to have covered four miles in 2:30 (:37 1/2 per mile) the last quarter in nine seconds-equal to :36, the world’s record for a mile. Also a full mile in :37.

There are 13 ball bearings in this motor, at every wearing point, and bevel gearing is used throughout, including the magneto connections and revolving valve rods (instead of push rods), operating overhead valves. There are three bevel gears in the timing device; no spur gears. The motor is rated as 8 h. p. The bore and stroke are said to be about 3 ¼ x 3 3/8

In the motor of another machine, used in Minneapolis for about four years past by Fred Brand, with the Joerns Motor Mfg. Co. (now making the Thiem and successor to the company with which Thiem was associated), is a two-speed planetary gear, of a vertical diameter the same as that of the crank case, extending about ¾ -inch outward beyond the normal width of the crank case on the left side, and containing a multiple-disk clutch.

The simple outward appearance of the valve side of the motor is indicated by the illustration. The two-speed-gear side of the motor is said to be equally clean and simple, in fact, it is claimed that the presence there of a two-speed gear would hardly be suspected.

Brand, who it is understood has or will have a stock interest in the Joerns Company, is the inventor and designer of this motor and two-speed gear. By the fact of his having ridden with and worked on it for years, and its having been used on the Minneapolis motordrome, and illustrated on post cards for private circulation, it would seem that enterprising eastern contemporaries would have recognized a bit of interesting mechanical news, right under their noses, ere this. That the factory should desire secrecy seems unlikely in view of the facts, especially as it is understood that the new machine, which it is said will follow the general lines of the Thiem, will not be ready for market until early next season. Meantime, the Thiem is selling well, in Southern California, at least, under the management of E. W. Keller of the Joerns-Keller Agency, Los Angeles.

When questioned about the new motor, Mr. Keller seemed a bit anxious, but finally agreed with the conclusions stated, and said that when the new machine is ready, for next season, buyers of present Machines will find him fair as to making exchanges, and that, meantime, the present year’s models are giving excellent service.

President Joerns, of the Joerns Motor Mfg. Co., Minneapolis, Keller said, is owner of four of the largest furniture factories in the country-in Sheboygan and Stevens Point, Wis.; and that building motorcycles, to which he now gives much of his personal attention in the financial department, is a personal hobby with him. His furniture interests are said to be going on without his personal attention, and yielding large returns.

Tormey’s Feet Are Loose

San Francisco, July 10. -J. S. Tormey, who has been Coast manager for the Henderson Motorcycle Co., states that he has a telegram from the factory instructing him to close the branch. He does not appear to know why and is sorry, as he says riders have been educated to the service from this point. He announces no plans of his own, and is open for a proposition. Tormey was with the Goodyear previous to taking this position, and formerly traveled for the Thor and Indian. He was the first rider of a motorcycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles, is married, and has a clean, genial personality.

Shapiro-Michaelson Affairs

The present management of the Shapiro Michaelson Motor Co., Minneapolis, acting for creditors, recently presented statements and opinions indicating that the business was carelessly run before and that the prospect is good, as all the machines that can be produced with the limited funds available can easily be sold. A dividend of 5% to creditors was declared. A recent attempt, through expert stock salesmen, to market stock, was unsuccessful owing to money tightness only, it is claimed.

By Unknown
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