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By Jerry Smith, Photography by Adam Campbell, iStockphoto

At least one rider should carry a basic first-aid kit that contains gauze bandages, a CPR mask for giving rescue breathing without skin contact, latex gloves, alcohol pads, and adhesive tape. Kits are available at drug stores, sporting-goods stores, and from motorcycle accessory companies. Upgrade a basic kit with a space blanket for shock victims, antimicrobial hand wipes, an assortment of adhesive bandages, large-area gauze pads, scissors, pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen, and a flashlight that can be used to look in a victim’s mouth if you suspect an airway obstruction. Also, have water on hand to rinse wounds and treat dehydration.

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The best way to avoid roadside emergencies is to not have an accident in the first place. In addition to learning first-aid and packing a first-aid kit, keep your riding skills sharp with MSF courses and track schools. Also, learn to recognize those days when you’re not feeling your best, and either slow down, or stay off the bike.

By Jerry Smith
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Jerry, you've given some good information, but the number one thing to do at any accident scene is be certain you don't become part of the accident.
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