Buell 1125CR Bike

Photography by Kevin Wing, Marty Estes

Buell 1125CR
Marty Estes
MSRP: $11,999
Miles: 3134-5350
Average Fuel Mileage: 37 Mpg
Accessories & Modifications: Buell accessory handlebars and heated handgrips, Acerbis handguards, American Sportbike footpegs

Much of the initial focus on my long-term Buell 1125CR has been on making it comfortable. First to go was the stock clubman handlebar. A naked bike should have an upright seating position, and this one doesn't-at least in stock trim. Buell's Accessory Handlebar Kit ($215; www.buell.com) comes with all the cables, brake lines and hardware needed to make installation a straightforward 2-hour job. The transformation is dramatic: It feels like a totally different bike, and is darn comfortable.

Buell's Heated Hand Grip Kit ($187) was an easy add-on while installing the new bar, and comes with two well-chosen settings. Last up on the hand-control front was a set of Acerbis' new Dual Road handguards ($139.95; www.acerbis.com). These tidy guards are easy to install, offer wind protection on cold days and keep levers safe when lane-splitting or in the event of a tip-over. They come with removable wind protectors and are also available with integral LED turnsignals for an additional $29.95.

The only downside to this new setup is high-speed windblast, which was significantly more tolerable with the stock clubmans. Ilmberger Carbonparts in Germany (www.ilmberger-carbon.de) may be the only company in the world that offers a replacement windscreen for the 1125CR. As I write this, their $308 piece is on a ship somewhere in the Atlantic.

To gain a little more legroom for my 6-foot frame, I installed American Sportbike's 1-inch drop footpeg bases ($99.95) coupled with LSL CNC billet footpegs ($39.95; both from www.americansportbike.com). My only reservation was what effect this might have on cornering clearance, but it proved to be a non-issue. Installation was quick and easy: about 20 minutes.

At 2500 miles, my second set of Pirelli Diablo Corsa IIIs ($161.95 front/$259.95 rear; www.us.pirelli.com) are pretty worn from two track days and a steady diet of canyon roads. These tires strike a great balance between performance and wear for a street rider who, like me, does an occasional track day.

Next time, I'll focus on exhaust options for the 1125.

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