Suzuki GSX-R750 Maintenance, Hub-Center Steering, Ignition Interruption Control


Igneus Interruptus
In your first look at the Honda CBR1000RR, you mention that the ignition interrupt is for upshifting under power, like a quick-shifter. Other magazines, including your sister publication Sport Rider, say the ignition interrupt is for traction control. Which is it?
Travis Marshall
Via e-mail

Let us invoke the spirit of Soichiro Honda with a reading from the '08 CBR1000RR press kit: "In essence, Ignition Interruption Control uses sophisticated ignition mapping to reduce abrupt transitions and the shock forces generated as gearset and driveline lash is taken up at small throttle openings. Sensors compare engine speed to the speed of countershaft sprocket rotation and also factor in the degree of throttle opening. When engine speed surpasses countershaft speed by a predetermined threshold, Ignition Interruption Control interrupts some ignition pulses. In addition, the amount of interrupt is specifically programmed according to the gear selected-each of the six gearbox speeds has its own profile. This interruption allows a more gradual buildup of power, which reduces the shock forces that would otherwise be felt as a surge of driveline lash. However, all this begins and ends within milliseconds-the rider never consciously feels the brief interruption. Instead, it simply feels as though throttle applications occur with regular and remarkable smoothness." Translation? It's not traction control in any orthodox sense. More likely a way to smooth the segue from a closed to cracked throttle in the face of lean mixtures mandated by current squeaky-clean emissions regulations. Aaron Frank's First Ride reveals everything else about the maximum CBR elsewhere in this issue.

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