MC Tested: Dainese Torque Out D-Wp Boots

By Tim Carrithers, Photography by Joe Neric

Choosing a pair of boots usually comes down to a choice between comfort and protection, especially at this time of year. Do you want your feet to be warm and dry, or wrapped in track-spec defensive technology? For those of us who desire both, there's the Torque Out D-Wp. For those who don't speak Dainese, that's Torque Out as in wear them outside your leathers, as opposed to Torque In, which slip underneath the cuffs of Dainese track suits. The Wp suffix signifies waterproof.

On the outside, a tough layer of Lorica synthetic leather and framework of thermoplastic polyurethane armor-TPU to materials scientists-form the third generation of Dainese's D-Axial system. Developed over the last decade, this keeps ankles from flexing in destructive directions with a crafty pair of hinges outboard of said joint. Designed to slide along the pavement in a crash instead of grabbing, adjoining TPU armor diminishes impact by spreading it over a broader area and into the padding beneath. Design and workmanship are exemplary throughout. A pleated instep adds flexibility. Nicely beveled soles provide excellent feel through the pegs, while carefully shaped armor never hangs up on bolts or brackets when your feet get really busy. TPU toe pads keep the shifter from wearing out the boot or your foot. Toe-draggers will appreciate the nifty replaceable stainless-steel sliders.

A rear zipper makes getting in and out easy. Plus, absorbent lining soaks up sweat and helps keep your feet warm, while a waterproof D-Wp membrane keeps them dry. After plowing through hours of torrential rain on various continents over the past 18 months, not a drop got through to dampen the Editorial Socks. Ever. The slim fit accommodates narrow feet better than most, and hook-and-loop fasteners up top expand to accommodate powerful, Joe Neric-sized calves. It's hard to imagine a better all-weather boot for sporty riding. They're not cheap in any sense of the word, but $359 doesn't go very far in an orthopedic surgeon's office these days. And for those with enough sense to stay out of the rain, the Dainese's standard Torque Out boots go for $60 less.

Dainese Torque Out D-Wp Boots
Price: $359
Contact: Dainese USA

Verdict 4 out of 5 stars
Impeccable high-tech pavement protection for the feet-rain or shine.

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