MC Tested: Lee Parks Design Shieldsaver

By Eric Putter, Photography by Eric Putter

Another product from the Done Under Hindsight (DUH!) school of industrial design, the ShieldSaver is a simple invention that should have emerged on the market eons ago.

Okay, admit it: We've all packed or stored spare face shields in used socks or underwear to keep them from getting scratched. After finding the ShieldSaver, I haven't suffered such embarrassments and even got rid of a homemade shield protector lovingly sewn together by a certain Kawasaki Ninja 500-riding former girlfriend.

Welcome to the microfiber millennium. The ShieldSaver is an 18.5 x 6-inch pouch made from a proprietary blend of polyester and polymide weave that doubles as a cleaning towel.

The ShieldSaver performs as advertised. Every face shield we slipped into the rectangular protector stayed lint- and scratch-free. And when employed as a towel, wet or dry, the absorbent, high-tech material produced a streak-free, no-scratch shine on face shields, windscreens and helmets.

Made in the USA, the machine-washable (but don't use fabric softener!) ShieldSaver has held up well in more than a year of constant use. That's more than you could say for socks and underwear.

Lee Parks Design Shieldsaver
Price: $14.95

Contact: Lee Parks Design

Verdict 5 stars out of 5
Simple, effective face shield protection that lives up to its name.

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“should have emerged on the market eons ago”  It was.  And in 2001 I suggested that Aerostich make them.  Early in 2003 Andy wrote me saying “In our 2003 catalog there are 2 new visor shield covers.”  See
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