MC Tested: Transition Optical SolFX Face Shield

MC Tested

By Ari Henning, Photography by Joe Neric

Squinting through a clear face shield on a bright, sunny day is uncomfortable and dangerous. So is riding after sunset while peering through a curtain of dark polycarbonate. The options-toting an extra shield or carrying a pair of sunglasses-can be problematic for those who prefer to travel light. Now day and night riders-plus those crossing over from one into the other-have a solution: the SolFX face shield from Transition Optics.

The SolFX shield uses a photo-chromatic coating to automatically adjust the tint level to match light conditions. At night it remains clear, and during the day it darkens to a medium-smoke tint. Transition Optics starts with a clear O.E. shield (which ensures perfect fit and avoids warranty issues) and then applies an advanced veneer to the entire exterior surface, providing complete sun-responsive protection. Unlike other electric and reactive shields, the SolFX shield appears completely clear while quiescent, and doesn't exhibit any blue or purplish hues once activated.

Our test shield proved indispensable on short winter days when the sun was low on the horizon on the way to work and well below it by the time we punched out. The darkened visor does an excellent job of cutting glare and reducing eye strain, and the exterior coating has proven durable, enduring daily cleanings without damage. Activation is rapid, and it doesn't seem to be affected by temperature. Our only complaint is that the shield is quite sensitive and still dims perceptively on dark, rainy days, when you'd prefer it to remain clear.

SolFX shields are available for all major helmet brands, and although they cost more than twice as much as a standard shield, you're essentially getting two shields in one. That convenience is invaluable.

Transition Optical
Solfx Face Shield

Contact: S.H.I.E.L.D. Tech, LLC

Verdict 4 stars out of 5
A self-tinting face shield that lives up to its maker's claims and functions wonderfully.

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This article is a year old and the product STILL isn't out...  Damn recession :-(
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