MC Tested: Rev'it! Infinity Riding Suit

By John L. Stein, Photography by Rev'it!

Clint Eastwood's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was about the Wild West, but the title perfectly describes my feelings about most riding suits. Some are good, many are bad, and just about all of them are ugly. Into this preprogrammed mindset arrived the one-piece Rev'It! Infinity suit.

As part of Rev'It!'s Dynamic Adventure collection, the Infinity is an all-around garment that features a three-layer laminated synthetic construction: abrasion-resistant top layer, center waterproof membrane and breathable inner lining. With built-in flexible armor at the shoulders, back, elbows, hips and knees, it also provides essential confidence and protection. Visibility is enhanced by the suit's light-gray color (black is also available) and via reflective panels and logos on the back, upper arms and legs.

Adjustable Velcro-style closures tailor the fit at the waist and wrists, while dual-snap straps reef in the upper and lower arms to minimize flapping and help secure elbow armor in place. The neck opening is likewise adjustable via a movable snap post. Three front pockets are sized for wallets, sunglasses and the like, while a small sleeve pocket is ideal for holding your license and credit card. A pair of front and rear zippered vents let cooling air through. The main zipper has a rubberized T-handle that improves usability with gloves on.

I experienced some difficulty finding the right-sized suit for my lanky 6-foot runner's body. The large-long size had the appropriate arm and leg lengths but far too much bulk in the middle, while the medium-long matched my build perfectly but fell a couple of inches short in the arms and legs. I opted for the latter, figuring that touring boots and gauntlet-style gloves would mask the shortcomings.

The Infinity's adjustability is appreciated, and with gloves off it's easy to cinch up the waist and wrist bands and select the appropriate arm-snap positions for a snug fit. The adjustable neck snap is another matter. While I found it possible to quickly adjust it while stationary and gloveless, adjusting the fit while in motion proved nearly impossible. A velcro-type closure would be far more useful here. My only other complaint was the stiffness of the zippers, which is a minor beef when you take into account their ability to seal out rain.

Likes include outstanding build quality-looking over the suit carefully, there's not a fault to be seen, and no suspect materials or meandering stitches. It's very well made. I also really like the size and style of the armor, unobtrusively concealed within the suit and comfortable in all riding positions, whether on a sportbike or a dual-sport. And unlike many other suits, the Infinity's styling is modern yet subdued, while still offering plenty of crummy-weather visibility thanks to the abundance of reflective materials.

Rev'It! has broken free of the Eastwood title. The Infinity is deserving of the "good" and it's not at all bad or ugly.

Rev'it! Infinity
Riding Suit
Price: $1299

Contact: Rev'It!

4.5 stars out of 5
A superbly designed suit with a casual, attractive style.

By John L. Stein
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