Eagle One Nano Wheel Polish

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By Keith May, Photography by Eagle One

Nanosecond, nanometer, nanothis, nanothat... For those of us without an engineering degree, the prefix "nano" announces the smallest scale possible: one-billionth. For reference, one nanometer is about 1/750,000th the width of a human hair. Nanotechnology may be tiny, but don't call it "small-stuff." It's ground-breaking science, and has led to breakthroughs in water purification, electronics, space exploration and now metal polishing.

Eagle One's Nano Polish utilizes nano-sized polishing and wax particles to produce a glossy finish on chrome, aluminum and other metals. Removing grime and tarnish isn't rocket science, and most metal polishes perform as claimed-with enough elbow grease. The difference is in the size of the particles: Eagle One's smaller particles provide more surface area, so you get more shine for your effort. It's advertised as a wheel polish, but works equally well on engine cases, fork tubes or any other metal components. If you find something that works better, tell us about it.

Put a little of the creamy-blue Eagle One polish on a rag and it glides on smoothly, almost as if it's a lubricant. The formula penetrates deep into oxidation and dirt, lifting it from the surface. Keep rubbing and the microscopic particles get to work filling in surface imperfections to produce a brilliant shine. What's better is that Nano Polish contains an anti-corrosive additive, so those freshly polished engine cases will stay lustrous longer. Previously tarnished hardware becomes hypnotically reflective. It's hard not to stare in amazement,

Eagle One Nano Wheel Polish
Price: $4.99
Contact: Eagle One

Verdict 4 stars out of 5
The fastest and easiest way to polish

By Keith May
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