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By Ari Henning, Photography by Joe Neric

Motorcyclists pride themselves on their self-sufficiency. The majority know how to maintain and repair their bikes, and gain a fair measure of satisfaction from doing so. This month’s Gear spread is aimed at broadening your horizons and abilities.

Color Rite Paints
Hardware-store rattle-cans are for amateurs! Give your project the professional look with ColorRite paint products. The company’s motorcycle paints are manufacturer-approved and provide a perfect match for original colors. And with their online selection tool, the color you need is just a few clicks away. ColorRite’s products come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, with touch-up pens starting at just $15. They also offer primers and clear coats, including a two-part, solvent-resistant clear formulated specifically for gas tanks.

Slime Moto Spair Kit
Unless you ride a Ural sidecar you won’t have a spare tire handy if you get a puncture, so be prepared to fix flats with Slime’s Moto “Spair” (as in spare/repair) kit. The $39.99 kit includes everything you need to get back on the road: 8 ounces of Slime tire sealant, mini 12-volt air compressor, 18-inch air hose, pressure gauge, fused electrical leads to tap into your bike’s battery and a pre-wired plug for use with a battery charger. It’s all contained in a 5 x 4 x 2-inch carrying case that weighs just 2.5 lbs.

Going The Extra Mile
Embarking on an epic journey crosses every motorcyclist’s mind at some point, which leads to a plethora of questions. The answers to all of those and more are included in Ron Ayres’ Going the Extra Mile, a comprehensive guide intended to help you go the distance safely and in comfort. From personal preparation to packing lists and motorcycle modifications, it’s all here. The book even includes an extensive resources list and directory to help you out if you get into trouble on the road. That alone is worth the $19.95 purchase price!

Plastex Plastic Repair Kit
Plastex is a two-part product comprised of a powdered gap-filler and a solvent. When mixed together, the two create a plastic adhesive that can be used to make permanent repairs on your motorcycle or riding gear. Use it to mend cracked bodywork or reaffix (or even recreate) locating tabs on fairing panels. Plastex mixes up like epoxy but has no set mixing ratio and is ready to be painted or put to use in an hour. The $16 kit comes with an instructional DVD depicting various repair techniques.

Performance Riding Techniques Book
From the publishers of the finest workshop manuals comes a practical performance riding guide for aspiring roadracers and sport riders. Written by Andy Ibbot (a former British motorcycle journalist and riding school instructor), the book covers everything from starting and braking to passing and crashing. It combines expert guidance from an experienced coach with advice and anecdotes from top racers. Besides being educational the manual is highly entertaining, with spectacular racing photos and in-depth explanations of what’s going on in each shot. Pick up a copy for $29.99.

Motorcycle Workshop Book
From a corner workspace to a dream shop, How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop will help you make the most of your garage and enable you to carry out routine maintenance and repairs comfortably and efficiently. This book helps you assess your shop needs and walks you through designing a floor plan, selecting tools, organizing parts and supplies, and much more. Packed with practical advice and creative tips, this $26.95 volume is sure to stir your imagination.

Mig & Tig Welding Dvds
Brought to you by the fabrication fiends at Low Brow Customs, this DVD set is a crash-course in the two most popular forms of welding. Follow 35-year veteran David Bird as he works on various projects and reveals tested techniques and valuable tips. A “through-the-hood” view of weld beads being formed lets you see exactly how the metal is manipulated to create a beautiful—and strong—joint. Whether you’re new to welding or a seasoned pro, this $75 pairing is worth its weight in gold.

Two Clicks Out Dvd
One of our favorite trackside tuners has just released a DVD designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of suspension function and setup. Topics include springs, hydraulics, geometry, tire wear and even how to properly bounce a bike to evaluate damping balance. Dave Moss is the proprietor of Catalyst Reaction Suspension Tuning and worked closely with riders and racers to compile a variety of case studies that exemplify typical suspension issues and their solutions. If Dave doesn’t frequent your local track, this $19.95 DVD is the next-best thing.

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