Protecting Your Bike

Preserving your pride and joy

By Ari Henning, Photography by Joe Neric

PC Racing Reusable Oil Filter
You're probably pretty particular about the quality of the oil you put in your bike, but have you given any thought to the quality of your oil filter? The FLO oil filter from PC Racing flows up to seven times more fluid than OE paper filters and strains out particles as small as 35 microns in one pass. The $109.95 filter features a machined-aluminum housing, powerful pre-filter magnet and uses a durable medical-grade stainless-steel filter cloth that's washable and infinitely reusable.

K&N Maintenance Kit
The dark-red hue of your K&N air filter comes from the oil that saturates the cotton gauze. Protect your cylinders from premature wear and keep your engine inhaling clean air by keeping your filter clean and oiled. The K&N filter maintenance kit contains a 12-oz. bottle of cleaning solution and a 6.5-oz. aerosol can of filter oil. The $13.99 kit contains enough material to perform a half-dozen cleanings.

Bike Condoms
No euphemisms here! The Bike Condom is only $10 (or five for $40) and is small enough to fit in your tank bag or under your seat. Use it as a quick and easy alternative to big bulky covers or as an emergency back-up when you're on the road. Talk about bike protection...

Twisted Throttle Engine Protectors
Twisted Throttle's skidplates are like a flak jacket for your adventure bike's vitals. Constructed from 3mm TIG-welded aluminum plate, they offer lightweight protection from granite bayonets and the like. This Kawasaki KLR650 plate goes for $115 and shields the bottom and sides of the engine while allowing access to the infamous "Doohickey." All engine protectors are made exclusively for Twisted Throttle by the over-engineering professionals at SW Motech in Germany.

Brad Penn Oil
Pumped from Pennsylvania oil fields and refined in Bradford, PA, Brad Penn oils are 100 percent American-made and specifically formulated for high-revving sportbikes and high-loading V-twins. The company's base stocks all come from the same source, and the 10w-40 and 20w-50 oils are blended and bottled in-house. A unique mixture of modifiers give Brad Penn oils outstanding shear stability, anti-scuffing protection and anti-foaming properties for the best in engine protection. Prices range from $5.50 to $6.25 per quart.

Eastwood Fuel Guard
At least 50 percent of today's gasoline contains at least 10 percent ethanol, which can be detrimental to you bike's fuel system and engine. Eastwood offers two fuel additives to help prevent damage caused by ethanol blended fuels: one for frequently used vehicles and one for long-term storage. Both formulas prevent ethanol phase separation, corrosion and resin build-up in fuel tanks, fuel filters, carburetors and injectors. Eastwood Fuel Guard is compatible with all two- and four-stroke engines. Each $9.99 bottle treats up to 30 gallons of gas.

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