Future Gear: Glimpsing Into the Crystal Ball

RS Taichi Electro-Luminescent Jacket
The Intention EL mesh jacket from RS Taichi takes an active, Tron-like approach to nighttime conspicuity. Pulling juice from a pair of AA batteries stashed in the inner breast pocket, two paper-thin strips of electro-luminescent material sewn into the jacket's back glow green at night to help you stand out in a sea of red brake lights. The EL panels can be set to flash or remain solid, offering either 7 or 12 hours of illumination. The Intention will retail for $209.95 and comes with CE-approved armor in the elbows and shoulders.

SIDI Cobra Rain Boot
The future of footwear is looking bright thanks to Sidi's recent trend toward more moderately priced boots. The Cobra rain boot is the latest in a string of attractive, high-quality, full-featured kicks that ring in at under $300. The Cobra features a leather chassis, comprehensive impact protection, replaceable toe sliders and a 100 percent waterproof membrane, all for just $275. Standard and vented versions will also be available for $250. Expect to see the Cobras on dealers' shelves by the end of October.

DEL Resario Helmet
Del Resario Helmets' revolutionary approach does away with the Styrofoam impact-absorbing liner that has been a mainstay of helmet design for 50 years. In its place, the New York-based company uses its patent-pending "Altosframe," a framework of laminated foams and arched suspension supports that are attenuated to different energy ranges to effectively protect against both hard and soft impacts-something today's helmets struggle to do. The helmet will also incorporate silicone gel to help damp impact vibrations that have thus far been overlooked as a cause of brain injury. The helmet's unique shape is intended to offer better balance and wind protection, and the carbon-composite shell will feature simple graphics that will extend to cover the face shield. The helmets will be made entirely in the United States with an expected price of $1000-$1200 when they go on sale at the end of 2011.

Aerostich Cranial Memory Implant
Finally, a safe, programmable memory prosthetic that lets you remember everything about motorcycles! Available downloads include obscure race stats, old-bike trivia, modern-bike specs and street/track tire pressures for every tire produced since 1993. Dominate all roadside discussions and forum conversations while never forgetting where you put your keys! Double-density mnemonic lockers instantly tag and archive all motorcycle-related information using keywords culled from racing commentary, magazine articles and forum posts. The $3000 price does not include installation; please see your local healthcare provider for surgical rates. Not recommended for riders under 18 or over 75.

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