Future Gear: Glimpsing Into the Crystal Ball

Vemar Jiano EVO TC
The popular Vemar Jiano modular helmet is about to get a lot better. The new Evo TC version has been totally redesigned and is slated to arrive stateside later this spring. It will feature a lightweight, tri-composite carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass shell that is expected to lighten the lid by about 5 ounces. Everything on the helmet has been updated or upgraded in an effort to make the Evo TC the best all-around street helmet on the market. It will come in gloss white, silver or black with standard models expected to retail for around $450. A Bluetooth-equipped model will also be offered for about $650. www.motonation.com

HK1 Wonder Wrench
The hydraulically actuated HK1 wrench from Aerostich replaces 23 wrench sizes with one compact, lightweight, awesomely futuristic tool. Each end of the wrench features a hexagonal head with an adjustable piston slider to provide a firm grasp on any bolt. The HK's hydraulic slider is faster and easier to adjust than the classic adjustable wrench, plus it provides a better grasp on the bolt head. Cold-forged steel construction and nickel plating combined with superior versatility will make this an instant favorite.

Eject Helmet Removal System
Removing a helmet from an injured rider's head is a delicate task. The Eject helmet removal system from Shock Doctor is a small, inflatable bladder that can be used by EMTs to make the job both safer and easier. The matchbook-size unit is installed in the helmet before use and can be inflated using a bulb pump (as used for checking blood pressure) to gently lift the helmet off the rider's head without putting pressure or traction on the neck or spine. The $59.99 Eject system fits under the comfort liner of any helmet without altering fit or feel.

D-Air City Airbag
Dainese's revolutionary D-Air Race airbag-equipped suits have been proven by professionals on the track, and now the technology is making its way to the street. The Italian company is in final development of an automatic airbag system a decade in the making. Dubbed D-Air City, the system will offer unparalleled impact protection for the neck, spine, chest and abdomen. The airbag arrangement pictured here will be incorporated in a variety of textile and leather jackets, and is expected to add several hundred dollars to the garments' price.

Bazzaz Z-Fi TC
Traction control and other electronic intervention systems are undeniably the way of the future. Just take a look at the latest crop of bikes at your local dealership. For those riders who want the future now, there's the Z-Fi TC module from Bazzaz Performance. This electronic wonder combines programmable fuel control, a quick-shifter function and adjustable traction control in one compact unit. The $1000 Z-Fi TC offers up traction-control technology derived from and used in the highest levels of professional roadracing without requiring additional sensors to be installed on the bike.

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