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It's Official: Motorcycling Has Gone To The Dogs

It's our April issue, and following hot on the heels of the dog-appeal sparked by the box-office hit Marley & Me (even Editor Catterson admits to getting misty-eyed), we've compiled this collection of fun and foolish products for the canine-loving rider.

Universal Sport Bag Motorcycle Pet Carrier
Whether you're a dedicated two-wheels-only rider who needs a way to get Sparky to the vet or a Sunday cruiser who wants to share the ride with Man's Best Friend, the USB motorcycle pet carrier is ready to go anywhere. This versatile, sturdy bag mounts on your tank to give your furry pal the ultimate wind-in-the-face experience. Suitable for any pet under 20 pounds, the carrier features a padded interior and portals so Sparky can grin in the wind. Priced at $129.99, the bag earns its keep by doubling as a hand-held carrier, airline-approved for in-cabin flight.

Barkley Muttson Chew Toy
Barkley Muttson, the little-known K-9 counterpart to the famed Milwaukee foundry, doesn't use a whole lot of cast iron in its bikes. The company's plush motorcycle toy measures 8 inches long, and instead of producing a thunderous roar emits a satisfying squeak as Fido chomps down on it. Available in red, black and gray, the Barkley Muttson chew toy sells for $15.

WAGS Pet Motorcycle Trailer
Can't bare the thought of leaving Fido at the kennel while the missus and you take that long-anticipated American Tour? WAGS has got you covered with a towable setup that'll comfortably house Fido and boost your cargo capacity. The company's $3095 pet trailers are built to your specs and feature an insulated, padded and carpeted kennel area and partitioned cargo space. Options abound, with numerous window, vent and door arrangements to choose from.

Zoomer Gear The Helmet
Their brains might not be as complex as ours, but dogs' noggins are still worth protecting. The same tough plastic used to make hard hats has been molded into a half-helmet for the riding pooch. Designed with safety, comfort and pointy ears in mind, The Helmet from Zoomer Gear offers sturdy protection, with customizable foam pads and an adjustable chin strap to suit your dog's head shape and size. Available in sizes XS through L, The Helmet retails for $26.95 and comes in Bone White, Wet Nose Black and Panting Pink.

Doggles are just what they sound like: goggles for dogs. Wind, dust, and debris can do a number on your pooch's eyes, especially when he's cruising at speed. Doggles boast shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, an anti-fog treatment and 100 percent UV protection to keep Buster's eyes safe and comfortable while on the road. The wrap-around foam-cushioned frame completely encloses his eyes, while adjustable elastic head and chin straps keep the goggles securely in place. Stylish and fun, Doggles retail for $21.99 in a variety of color combinations.

Hawg Dog Biker Vest and Hat
There are few things dog owners enjoy more than dressing up their pets. Now Killer can look the part when the two of you hit the strip on Friday night with this two-piece ensemble from Hawg Dog. An embroidered eagle emblem, decorative metal buttons and an aggressive cut give the $49.95 vest a genuine biker look, and the $29.99 hat has that classic welder's cap style and matching emblem to complete the look. The only concession to cost is the use of imitation leather instead of the real thing.

H-D Pet Accessories
From saddlebags to ID tags, Harley-Davidson's line of pet accessories is staggering, and confirms its marketing determination. Care to outfit Buddy entirely in Harley attire? Not a problem, but perhaps a more subtle display of allegiance is in order. To that end, you could lead him around on a "Bad to the Bone" leash for $7.99; feed him out of a similarly themed ceramic dish for $16.99; or let the kids and him play tug-o-war with the $9.95 rope and rubber tug toy.

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