2010 Kawasaki KX450F | Me & My Bike

Photography by Scott Cox

Name: Stacey Virgin
Age: 32
Home: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Special Warfare Operator Chief, U.S. Navy SEALS

"I started riding motorcycles when I was 5, and started racing off-road at age 12. The military came much later. I was undergoing a long rehab for a physical injury when a friend, who I guess was impressed by the intensity I showed in my recovery, gave me what's called a BUD/S Warning Order. This is basically a challenge, on paper, to see if you've got what it takes to be a Navy SEAL. It really struck a chord in me.

"This year I got a unique opportunity to combine my two passions-motocross and military service-when I was given orders to compete in the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Tennessee. I was officially there in an awareness-raising capacity to drive people to our website (www.sealswcc.com), where we give a comprehensive overview of the SEAL organization. But on a personal level, I was there to win races!

"I went to Loretta's last year on my own, but it was kind of a last-minute decision and I wasn't well-prepared. This year I wanted to do it differently. I went to my friend Chris Haines, a motorcycle guide who is well connected in the motorcycle industry, and asked him for sponsorship advice. He connected me with Resource Marketing's Scott Cox, and I still can't believe what happened next-it's like a fairy tale!

"Thanks to Scott's efforts, Kawasaki delivered a 2010 KX450F to Pro Circuit, where Mitch Payton and his crew completely prepared it for me to race. I've never ridden a bike this good-and Pro Circuit sponsored me in the past! Dunlop provided tires, and Troy Lee supplied some gear. It was like a factory ride.

"Scott took care of everything. I had no idea how to repay him-besides racing well at Loretta's. I won two motos in the Vet 30+ category before I ran into a little trouble. I went over the bars and hit a tree, separating my shoulder and chipping the humeral head. It's a little problematic for my job. Had I not been hurt, I'd already be back in the Middle East. Instead, I'm stuck in California on administrative duty. But being a SEAL helps deal with the injury, from a mental standpoint at least. It helps me keep a positive attitude. I know from past experience that with diligent rehab, I'll be back in racing shape in no time."

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