2013 Motorcycle & Motorcyclist of the Year

By Motorcyclist Staff, Photography by Kevin Wing

Best Dreambike

Indian Thunder Stroke Streamliner

Celebrating The Spirit Of Munro

Few motorcycles have inspired as many two-wheeled dreams—for motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists alike—as the Indian Scout streamliner built by New Zealand's Burt Munro, celebrated in the beloved 2005 motion picture, The World's Fastest Indian. Munro's wobbly contraption went over 200 mph in 1967 and still animates two-wheeled enthusiasts of all allegiances today.

It was a stroke of genius, then, when the brain trust behind the newly revived Indian Motorcycles commissioned a modern "Munro Special" to debut the Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin—the first new Indian engine in 60 years. And this wasn't just some dummy display piece, but an all-metal, fully operational, rolling sculpture that was painstakingly hand formed by Jeb Scolman, one of the nation's finest hot-rod builders. The resulting "Spirit of Munro" is breathtaking—truly one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever built.

To credibly compete with Harley-Davidson, Indian needs more than just good motorcycles. It needs a mythology that engages and inspires a new generation of enthusiasts dreaming of Indians. Channeling the spirit of Burt Munro and the countless others who raced Indians on all surfaces over the past century does exactly that.

Alternative Take

Mule Motorcycles

Richard Pollock’s artfully rendered street-trackers are sublime mash-ups of classic forms and up-to-the-minute technology, all built with an attention to detail befitting an aerospace engineer (Pollock’s past life). No tacky bolt-ons or garish frame paint here, just top-notch components finished in a classic color scheme, to create totally functional dreambikes.

By Motorcyclist Staff
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"It's what these guys do: defend old-tech machines by bridging the conversation from clanky machinery to unique engine architecture, significant historical precedent, the serenity of Lake Como, or some other specious attribute meant to make us look past obvious flaws."

Leave out the part about Lake Como - and you're describing a harley rider..
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