Escape To Adventure

What’s Out There, Anyway?

By Kevin Smith, Photography by BMW

Adventure is anywhere you find it: on the outskirts of town or on the other side of the globe. All it takes is the right alchemy of opportunity and action for you to make the ride of your lifetime happen.

Don’t get too hung up on terminology. By recent convention, “adventure” has come to signify a ride incorporating some measure of risk, surprise, and discovery, maybe on a variety of road surfaces, often in a far-off place. But the great truth about adventure rides—indeed, motorcycle rides of any kind—is that there is no single standard for what someone else finds rewarding and worthwhile.

If you get on a motorcycle, any motorcycle, and ride it somewhere, anywhere, as long as you have a good time and come back feeling recharged and full of tales you want to share—well, congratulations, you’ve had an adventure.

Adventure should be understood as an attitude toward new riding experiences rather than a specific breed of motorcycling. You can find adventure most anywhere, if you’re open to it. If Capital-A Adventure refers to a multi-surface expedition and the bikes appropriate for that, then small-a adventure is what we anticipate every time we cinch up a helmet strap.

From the start, Motorcycle Escape has embraced the spirit of adventure. Now, rather than a standalone magazine you find on the newsstand, Escape will appear as a special section inside selected issues of Motorcyclist. We hope this will help the growth of adventure motorcycling by exposing it to a broader audience of riders.

Really, adventure is the point of life, for every one of us, every day. Some of us are just lucky enough to have a motorcycle and a place to ride it, to help with that quest for adventure. Join us, won’t you?

By Kevin Smith
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