Tim Carrithers

Executive Editor

I've been dealing with an intractable two-wheel dependency issues since my brother and I talked our dad into blowing $353 on a Yamaha Mini-Enduro in 1970. He's considerably bigger and more even-tempered six years younger, but I'm still faster. After...see my full profile
Annette Carrion

Associate Online Editor

Born and raised as a native Angeleno (any of those left?), I have had the fortune of being surrounded by both 2-and 4-wheeled motorsports in Los Angeles. With some of the best race tracks at my fingertips such as Chuckwalla, Willow Springs and Laguna...see my full profile
Sean Russell

Projects Editor

Sean Russell, former Editor-in-chief of Super Streetbike Magazine, currently fills the role of Projects Editor for the International Automotive Group (IAG) of Source Interlink Media, LLC. A graduate of Arizona State University with years of journalis...see my full profile
Fred Williams

Technical Editor

Email: Fred.Williams@4wheeloffroad.com
Fred drives a truck with big tires, he likes trucks with big tires, and he writes about, works on, and spends most of his time with trucks with big tires. He also likes dirt, rocks, sand and mud....see my full profile
Ari Henning

Road Test Editor

Brief motorcycling history: From infancy through adolescence I traveled with my father Todd as he pursued vintage roadracing championships around the country, in Canada and even Europe. As soon as I could walk I started riding a Honda Z50, but became...see my full profile
Aaron Frank


I was introduced to motorcycles on the back of my father’s 1969 Honda CB750. My favorite childhood memories are riding two-up to Road America for the AMA Superbike Nationals in the early ‘80s—an event we still attend together today. I’ve owned everyt...see my full profile
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