2014 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Accessories & Parts

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2014 Yamaha Bolt R Spec

2014 Bolt R-Spec Parts

OEM Accessories MSRP
2014 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec $8,290.00
Camo Green $0.00
Matte Gray $0.00
Bolt Leather Windshield Bags $103.99
Bolt Saddlebag Support Bars $119.99
Reduced Reach Solo Seat $124.99
Bolt Rear Fender Rack $129.99
Bolt Quick Release Mount $149.99
Bolt Engine Guards $161.99
Passenger Seat Kit $199.99
Stiletto Seat $239.99
Mini Fairing $299.99
Bolt Quick Release Windshield $359.99
Bolt Fork Gaiters $36.99
Ridgid-Mount Leather Saddlebags $419.99
Springer Bobber Solo Seat $459.99
Bolt Backrest Luggage Rack $64.99
Bolt Passenger Backrest Pads $69.99
Leather Tool Bag $70.95
Bolt Backrest Uprights $90.99
Star Half Cover $95.49
Total: (price with selected accessories) $8,290.00
2014 Yamaha Bolt Base Parts 2014 Yamaha Bolt Base
N/A / N/A
Base MSRP:
2014 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Parts 2014 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec
N/A / N/A
Base MSRP:
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