2013 Yamaha Roadliner S Accessories & Parts

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2013 Yamaha Road Liner S

2013 Road Liner S Parts

OEM Accessories MSRP
2013 Yamaha Roadliner S $15,690.00
Touring Handlebars $209.95
Front Fender Trim Rail $278.95
Chrome Custom Wheels N/A
Tall Windshield $137.95
Left Mirror Various Styles $136.49
Hard Saddlebags Mounting Hardware $270.49
Soft Throw-Over Saddlebags $447.95
Rear Luggage Rack $121.95
Billet Passenger Floorboards $244.95
Wind Deflector Smoke $121.95
Windsheild Mounts $230.95
Raven $0.00
Fitted Lining For Deluxe Hard Sidebags $149.95
Deluxe Hard Sidebags Various Styles $1,402.49
Sidebag Trim Rails $241.49
Hard Sidebag Guards $241.49
Custom Leather Backrest Pad Various Styles $114.49
Billet Rear Fender Rack $175.49
Passing Lamps $126.95
Lower Cowl With Box Various Colors $879.99
Medium Windsheild $403.95
Saddlebag Liners $96.49
Saddlebag Support Bars $122.95
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Rear Of Front Fender $87.49
Hard Leather Saddlebags $1,237.95
Mini Tank Cover $58.49
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Rear Fender $104.95
Braided Stainless Steel Cables and Lines $64.49
Comfort Cruise Pillion Pad $268.49
Comfort Cruise Leather Seat $382.49
Passing Lamp Mounts $192.49
Lid Covers For Deluxe Hard Sidebags $95.49
Cruiselite Tank Bag $118.99
Wind Deflector Clear $121.95
Big Bar Engine Guards $230.95
Short Windsheild $394.95
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Front Of Front Fender $71.49
Tall Windsheild $413.95
Saddlebag Guards $224.95
Right Mirror Various Styles $136.49
Lid Organizers For Deluxe Hard Sidebags $84.95
Saddlebag Trim Rails $225.95
Passenger Backrest Pad Various Styles $153.49
Deluxe Fairing Kit Various Colors $1,223.95
Total: (price with selected accessories) $15,690.00
2013 Yamaha Roadliner S Parts 2013 Yamaha Roadliner S
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Base MSRP:
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