2013 Yamaha Raider SCL Accessories & Parts

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2013 Yamaha Raider SCL

2013 Raider SCL Parts

OEM Accessories MSRP
2013 Yamaha Raider SCL $19,990.00
Comfort Cruise Solo Seat $397.95
Cruiselite Custom Soft Saddlebags $207.95
Billet Rear Fender Rack $179.95
Tall Quick Release Windshield $434.49
Quick Release Windshield Mounts $199.99
Comfort Cruise Dual Touring Seat $509.95
Comfort Cruise Rider Backrest Pad $84.95
Saddlebag Support Bars $127.49
Braided Stainless Steel Cables and Lines $53.95
SCL Fixed-Mount Passenger Backrest Pad $99.95
Custom Cover $159.99
Billet Left Mirror Various Styles $136.49
Boulevard Windshield $188.95
Mustang One-Piece DayTripper Seat $368.95
Passing Lamps $272.49
Billet Right Mirror Various Styles $136.49
Comfort Cruise Stiletto Seat $382.49
Hard Slimbags $737.95
Crimson Red / Intense Black $0.00
Helmet Locks By HelmetSecure $59.99
Rear Luggage Rack $117.95
Comfort Cruise Pillion Pad $258.95
Cruiselite Custom Soft Tank Bag $118.99
Passing Lamp Mounts $112.49
Slimbag Mount Brackets $163.49
Chrome Engine Guards $218.95
Passenger Backrest Pad Various Styles $90.99
Short Quick Release Windshield $424.49
License Plate Frames Various Styles $49.99
Passenger Backrest Various Styles $225.95
Total: (price with selected accessories) $19,990.00
2013 Yamaha Raider Base Parts 2013 Yamaha Raider Base
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2013 Yamaha Raider SCL Parts 2013 Yamaha Raider SCL
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2013 Yamaha Raider S Parts 2013 Yamaha Raider S
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